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James Kennedy on Why He and Ally Lewber Are a Great Match

Vanderpump Rules is not a love story. Instead, it’s a series where relationships come to die. The cause of death is typically cheating, which thankfully, some of these cast members are learning their lessons as they age. James Kennedy fits into this changed category, and luckily for him, he’s dating his greatest match yet in Ally Lewber.

Their star charts are in alignment

James and Ally just attended the 7th Annual Revolve Festival in Palm Springs. Taking a few beats out of their day, the couple sat down with Erin Lim Rhodes from E! News. After the girls discussed star charts, Ally gave props to Scheana Shay for being a great girl’s girl. Cheers to that growth, Scheana, because women supporting women = YASS.

Changing courses, Erin noted next that James is “being called the voice of reason this season.” In reply, James joked “I became one of the guy’s girls this season.” Here, Erin inquired “Would you say that there is a thing or a person that’s helped you become this voice of reason?” When I say that my heart sank here, worried that he’d not point to Ally…

Thankfully. though, James didn’t miss a beat, as he immediately gave his girl all of the credit. “This amazing, amazing girl right here on my left. The love of my life. My rock, and honestly, she really does make me a better man every single day. She’ll put me in my place. No cutting in line,” he joked.

Adding to his little lovefest, James further added “I’ll behave. As long as I can keep kissing her, everywhere, wherever I want.” TMI, but also, I dug it. Equally humored, Ally interjected, mentioning that James is supporting her in her music career. “But he brings it out in me too,” she revealed.

As for their future, James says he sees “so much potential in Ally. It’s an adventure I want to go on. I’m a producer, so it’s a match made in heaven really,” he ended.

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