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Tiffany Moon Teases ‘Fabulous’ Women’s Empowerment Conference

Hoping to make a true impact. Dr. Tiffany Moon was a powerhouse addition to The Real Housewives of Dallas in its fifth and final season. She was the first Housewife of Asian American descent when cast in 2020. The anesthesiologist and entrepreneur was a fan favorite. She brought a lot of fashion, wit, and her unique cultural perspective to the show.

Now, the mother of two wants to use her Real Housewives platform to bring positive changes.

“Self-help” books were the inspiration

Tiffany exclusively told People that her next entrepreneurial venture involves taking a “leap of faith.”

The former Bravolebrity likened her apprehension about committing to the project to joining the Real Housewives of Dallas in the first place.

“I had this discussion with my husband many a night over a glass of Three Moons wine,” Tiffany said. “I was like, ‘Will I ruin my reputation as a well-respected physician who publishes papers, mentors medical students, and takes care of patients? Is Housewives compatible with that?”

So what made Tiffany change her mind and pursue the new project? Some of it has to do with her milestone birthday this year.

“I turn 40 this year, I was reading a bunch of self-help, like ‘new year, new you’ stuff,” she explained. “I was listening to a podcast and reading a book. They asked, ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?'”

“I would plan my own women’s empowerment conference with the speakers that I want, in the venue that I want, with a super glam Saturday night gala to rival many wedding receptions. It’s going to be fabulous, because it’s a Tiffany Moon event,” the former reality TV star added.

Tiffany has recruited several Real Housewives

Finally, LedHer Summit got the green light. Tiffany will be hosting the women’s empowerment conference in November. The most important aspect was lining up engaging speakers.

“So I started reaching out to some of my girlfriends because the meat of the conference is the speakers. If we don’t have amazing inspiring educational speakers, it’s just a nice party,” Tiffany explained. “So I started reaching out to some of my girlfriends who have built companies, overcome challenges, started medical practices — all these women that I look up to.”

So far, fellow anesthesiologist and entrepreneur, Dr. Nicole Martin of The Real Housewives of Miami has signed up. Co-founder of the coconut water company Real Coco, and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Crystal Kung Minkoff is also on the roster.

“There are many, many topics pertaining to women that don’t matter what field you work in, whether it’s finance, law, medicine — skills like negotiation, communication, marketing and social media strategy,” Tiffany explained of her vision for the event.

“I want people to know that we are so much more than just housewives,” she added. “Not that that’s derogatory in any sense, but I think the popular opinion is that housewives are known for being a little showy, right? There’s a certain element of like lifestyle porn, they want to see the clothes, the fashion, the houses.”

Regarding her two Real Housewives guests, Tiffany wants to portray them in their roles outside of reality TV. Her goal is, “to show people that Dr. Nicole Martin is an accomplished anesthesiologist, she takes care of people, she just had a baby, she does a lot of charitable work, Crystal works with coconut farms in Asia where they grow the coconuts, and she makes sure that those workers are treated equitably, which I cannot say is necessarily true for other companies that employ workers in Asia.”

Tiffany wants the attendees to also “take a leap of faith”

It’s about seeing beyond “the fighting and fashion.” Tiffany told the news publication, “We are so much more than that. And both of those women will be talking about their companies in their lives in a capacity outside of housewives.”

The former Bravolebrity revealed her mission statement, and it’s about encouraging women to pursue whatever dream it is that they have.

“I want the attendees who come to be entertained, inspired, and educated to do all the things in their life that maybe they’re a little bit afraid of. To take a leap of faith like I am with this conference,” Tiffany concluded. “We all want to do big things. But we have this little voice that’s like, ‘What if people laugh at me? What if it doesn’t work? What if I lose money? All the what ifs. It doesn’t matter. You really, really have to go for it.”