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Tiffany Moon hasn’t wasted any time sharing her culture with the ladies. The Real Housewives of Dallas are out of their comfort zone more than ever before. We’re actually about to have a full on feud over the refusal to consume a chicken foot. Kameron Westcott may have the palate of a third grader, but who is Tiffany to berate her for that? Tiffany is bringing some rich vibes this season, but at what point does that turn to snotty?

Now that the group is moving on from the Brandi Redmond racist video mocking Asians, the future is becoming clearer. There’s obviously something brewing between Kary Brittingham & D’Andra Simmons. Who claims to be someone’s friend and then berates them the way Kary did to her on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. A small amount of playful teasing is one thing. However, Kary is coming off like a bully. Will D’Andra hold her accountable?

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Well, it’s come to this. Now we are debating how one person’s ignorance is better than another person’s ignorance. It’s no secret Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham never got along with former co-worker LeeAnne Locken. To be fair, no one really got along with LeeAnne. It was more a matter of not triggering her and staying on the good side of whatever personality she was using on a particular day.

Though LeeAnne was an anchor of the show, her mouth got her in trouble and she was pretty much shown the door. After making numerous comments about Kary that were less than politically correct, LeeAnne became another casualty of Bravo’s racist reckoning. The same cannot be said for Brandi Redmond, however. Several years ago, Brandi made a social media video mocking Asians. As an extra bonus, she did it in front of her kids. When Kary defended Brandi’s actions, LeeAnne felt some type of way. And this is why two people who barely spoke in the first place are no longer speaking.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

By all accounts, Tiffany Moon of Real Housewives of Dallas is having a smashing start to her first season. The doctor and super-rich housewife has already tackled racism with costar, Brandi Redmond. She then went on to call out Kary Brittingham as a bully for trying to force her to do tequila shots. All while hosting a traditional Chinese lunch and getting the ladies to try chicken feet.

Yep, Tiffany is really working all her angles. And I would love to see more of her closet, no matter what Stephanie Hollman thinks. But busting out of the gates in your first season is sure to win you some enemies amongst the cast. And it sounds like not everyone is feeling Tiffany.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

During the latest episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, newbie Tiffany Moon hosted a brunch for the cast, which included a chicken feet appetizer. Kameron Westcott and Stephanie Hollman weren’t comfortable branching out to try the chicken feet, which bothered Tiffany.

It was great that she was trying to expose them to her culture, but was she a little too pushy? It’s especially ironic since she just complained about Kary Brittingham pushing her to take tequila shots. That’s pretty much the same thing she was doing to Kameron and Stephanie. Pot, meet kettle.

Kameron Westcott

Real Housewives of Dallas returned without one very formidable Texan. LeeAnne Locken did not come back to the series after calling Kary Brittingham a “Mexican” approximately 40 different times on camera. After being put on blast and re-seated by Brandi Redmond at the last reunion, we won’t see LeeAnne again. But maybe Brandi will have her own seat at this season’s reunion. LeeAnne’s secret detective squad unleashed some unfavorable social media of Brandi’s. She and LeeAnne might have gone to the same school, where not making fun of other people wasn’t part of the lesson plan.

Now Dr. Tiffany Moon is on the scene. I waaaaant to likkkkee herrrrrr buuuut sheeee extendsssss herrrrr wordsssss. Kary is treating Tiff like a sorority pledge for no apparent reason and the jury is still out on whether or not Tiffany will fit in. No one will deny LeeAnne was a dominant figure. Everything was about her and if it wasn’t, she made it about her. Kameron Westcott was usually #TeamLeeAnne in any dispute, which impacted her friendships with Brandi and Stephanie Hollman. But now that LeeAnne has peaced out, will we have a new trifecta?

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany Moon is coming in hot on Real Housewives of Dallas. She is only two episodes into her first season and she’s already bringing a lot to the table. In addition to stirring it up with her new co-stars, she’s bringing a lot of wealth to show.

During the most recent episode, she had D’Andra Simmons and Stephanie Hollman at her home to hang out. That visit included a home tour, which consisted of a a foray into her closet (which has a finger print lock). She also showed the ladies some of her favorite handbags. Stephanie was polite during the home tour, but she said it was “obnoxious” for bragging about her belongings.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

For anyone who was wondering about how Real Housewives of Dallas would fare without LeeAnne Locken stirring up drama, well, there’s no need to worry now that Tiffany Moon is here. After the most recent episode, she continued to argue with Kary Brittingham, Stephanie Hollman, and Kameron Westcott on social media.

During the second episode of the season, Tiffany said that Kary was way too pushy with the tequila shots. As a result, Tiffany felt like she was hazed and bullied. Well, a week later, some of the ladies thought Tiffany was way too pushy trying to get them to eat chicken feet at her brunch. Tiffany was just trying to introduce her culture to the Dallas ladies, but some of them didn’t love her approach.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas aren’t letting a global pandemic stop them from DELIVERING. They tackled Brandi Redmond’s racism scandal on last week’s episode. No waiting to address that kerfuffle whatsoever. Right out of the gate, newbie Tiffany Moon is showing Brandi the full weight of her actions. With that in the rear view mirror, we’re going to finally explore the group dynamic without LeeAnne Locken.

Picture the scene, Tiffany is new to the group and eager to showcase her culture to all of the women. What is the best way to do that? FEED EVERYONE CHICKEN FEET. An actual chicken foot. It’s going to be hilarious watching everyone react to something so out of their comfort zone. Can you imagine Kameron Westcott of all people attempting to eat a chicken foot? This is going to be oh so good.