Everything We Know About Tom Schwartz’s New Girlfriend Sophia Skoro

Tom Schwartz
Photo by: Scott Gries/Bravo via Getty Images

Tom Schwartz has a new woman in his life. The Vanderpump Rules star sparked romance rumors in March after 23-year-old Sophia Skoro posted a video of them hanging out in Vegas on TikTok.

So, who is Schwartz’s new mystery girlfriend? Here is everything we know about Sophia Skoro:

She graduated college in 2022

While Schwartz was getting divorced, Sophia was getting her degree. According to her Instagram, she graduated from the University of Oregon in the spring of 2022.

“I’m done,” she wrote alongside a few graduation photos. “Thank you @uoregon you were amazing.”

She’s into vintage clothing

Sophia has an eye for vintage. She owns an LA-based vintage store called Shop Sosko where she sells vintage pieces, including bikinis, dresses, sunglasses, and much more. Most pieces up for grabs on the site range from $100 to $400. The 23-year-old also shows off her vintage finds on TikTok. You can find her at @sophiaskoro.

She’s cooler than Schwartz

Schwartz gushed about his new boo in an April interview with Access Hollywood, admitting she is “way cooler” than him.

“She’s just really effing cool,” he shared. “She’s so charismatic, and clever, and kind of unconventionally funny, she’s just a bada*s human being,” he added.

She turned Schwartz into a relationship guy

In his interview with Access Hollywood, Schwartz said that he wasn’t looking for a relationship when he met his new girlfriend. He told the outlet he was planning to be single for a while but when he met Sophia, he knew it was the real deal.

“I was like, I’m going to stay single for two years, bust my ass, make money, take care of my family, travel, and then I met her, and I was like, what the heck…Who is this human being?”

He added that Sophia has a “presence” and said he is glad they bumped into each other when they did.

Schwartz loves her

Schwartz appeared on the April 16 episode of Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files, where he made a big statement about his relationship with Sophia.

“We love each other,” he told Nick. “I’m trying not to scare her away. She’s incredible, I just don’t want to put any pressure on her.”

She doesn’t care about the hate

Vanderpump Rules fans are passionate and sometimes, that passion comes in the form of hate comments. Many fans left comments on Sophia’s TikTok with Schwartz warning her to stay away from the 41-year-old.

“Oh honey, you’re about to be so disappointed,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Blink twice if you need help,” another comment read.

One user poked fun at the couple’s age gap, writing, “Aww is that your dad?”

Sophia made an appearance alongside Schwartz on the April 16 episode of The Viall Files where she addressed online comments.

“I don’t really care that much about online hate,” she said.

However, she did admit she sometimes struggles with the attention Schwartz gets in public.

“When we’ve gone on trips and stuff, [people are] just like very grabby [with him],” she shared.

They met at TomTom

In his interview with Nick, Schwartz shared that he met Sophia at TomTom in West Hollywood. The bar has been the backdrop for many VPR romances.

She gives Schwartz fashion advice

In her interview on the Viall Files, Sophia shared her thoughts on Schwartz’s style. She agreed with Nick and his fiance Natalie Joy that it was time for him to retire the skinny jeans and open-toed shoes. But she did note that while she may give her input, she never wants to change him. Aww!

She hangs out with Sandoval and his girlfriend

On the podcast, Sophia also shared that she hangs with Tom Sandoval and his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, who Sandoval has been linked to since January 2024.

“I think she’s so sweet,” Sophia said of Sandoval’s new lady.

She loves Schwartz’s generosity

Sophia shared her favorite things about Schwartz on the April 16 episode, telling Nick and Natalie that she loves how generous he is.

“I think he’s probably the most generous and kind person that I’ve ever met,” she said. “He just makes me feel so thought of in so many different ways.”

“[He’s] so incredibly sweet,” she added.