What Is Ashlee Holmes From The Real Housewives of New Jersey Doing Now?

Ashlee Holmes
Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage via Getty Images

During her time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ashlee Holmes made an impression on viewers. The Bergen County “brat” disobeyed her parents and often felt her actions wouldn’t have repercussions. Viewers watched her insert herself into her mother, Jacqueline Laurita, and Teresa Giudcie’s drama with Danielle Staub. Bravo cameras caught her pulling the villain’s hair at the country club brawl.

But what was a mother to do with a daughter as naughty as Ashlee? The teen was uncertain, rambunctious, and confused. Everyone was at their wits end with her attitude, and it seemed to affect the entire family unit. Well, Jacqueline did try intervening with Ashlee’s father, but at the time, the teenager only made things worse by judging Jacqueline for being a teen mother. However, Ashlee has changed her tune and is now a mother, makeup artist, and podcast host.

Ashlee is a mom

During Season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans watched Ashley get engaged to Pete Malleo. He was stable, and the family liked him, so it felt like a win. Later that same year, Ashlee gave birth to their son, Cameron Hendrix, in 2016. Two years after Pete asked for her hand, the couple tied the knot in 2018 at the county clerk’s office. Sadly, their love didn’t last too long, and their marriage ended when they filed for separation in 2020. Even though they tried to reconcile, they re-filed in 2021 after Pete was accused of cheating. 

In a statement to Bravo, Ashlee revealed, “I’ve always been an incredibly open and honest person. Although no one is entitled to the details of my private life, I have always chosen to share them with you.” She continued, “Those of you who follow my husband Pete and I on social media have naturally become invested in our lives over the years. That being said, Pete and I have decided to separate.” But Ashlee is now thriving as a single mother. She takes Cameron to Disneyland, museums, and sporting events.

Ashlee works now 

After being told to leave her New Jersey childhood home, Ashlee made her way to California and found work in the entertainment industry at SpinMedia Group. While still on her own, Ashlee went on to receive her cosmetology license in 2014 at Makeup Designory. With her newfound confidence, she worked for Sephora, Bobbi Brown, and Stila. Now, she works for herself as a professional makeup artist under the name Ashlee Holmes MUA. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated to family, wellness, food, beauty, and lifestyle, but she has yet to post anything on it. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ashlee “Specializes in sfx makeup, tv/film + beauty.” The mother of one also has a “Strong background in sales, education, production, public relations, integrated marketing, social media management, social media strategy, and content creation.”

Family time

Even though Ashlee made Sin City her home for years, she is now back in New Jersey. She is still extremely close to her Manzo cousins. The 33-year-old has also worked on the Dear Albie podcast, helping run social media for the last two years. Ashlee is very close to Albie Manzo, and while she couldn’t be physically at his wedding, she was there in spirit. She also hangs out with Lauren Manzo, as both their children are close in age. 

Ashlee also shared a bipolar II diagnosis with her followers, sharing in an Instagram Story, “You may not think that I have had many difficulties in my life — but I have. These last two years have been especially difficult for me. About almost a month ago, I had a psychotic break.” Ashlee has decided to educate herself and others, noting, “I found myself in a position where I was afraid of myself and my own thoughts. And I chose to finally seek proper help.” 

Ashlee also had a health scare when a lump was found in her breast. Luckily, it was fibroadenoma, which is a noncancerous lump. Ashlee urged women in her post to get their yearly checks. So, while the 33-year-old used to be a thorn in her parents’ side it seems that she has grown up into a beautiful young woman inside and out.