Real Housewives Who Have Bad Relationships With Their Kids

(Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)

It isn’t easy having a Real Housewives star as your mom. Between multiple appearances, escalating drama, and downright life-ruining rumors, there is a lot of pressure for the tykes of Bravo to be under. Some Bravo moms have done a poor job of protecting their offspring, which has played out in the series. Leaving followers to wonder if the show enhanced the bad relationship or was their tension all along. 

Most of the Real Housewives kids were only pre-teens when the show first started, so it must have been awkward to have their formative years caught by cameras. While it is normal to butt heads with your mom, some of these mini-divas took their attitude to another level. No one said parenting was easy, and some of these scenarios prove it. 

Tamra Judge


Over the years, Tamra Judge has been extremely open when it comes to her failing relationship with her daughter, Sidney, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Simon Barney. The real estate agent always claimed that Sidney Barney chose her father’s side in the 2012 divorce. But Sidney debunked the claims sharing that Tamra was often “neglectful” and placed the Real Housewives of Orange County above everything else. 

In 2017, Sidney released a statement via Insider saying, “I want to start by clearing some things up as my mother continues to talk about me despite me requesting her to stop speaking of me publicly as I don’t want to be associated with her or the show.” Currently, the two are taking steps in their relationship and recently reunited at sister Sophia’s June 2023 graduation. 

Jaqueline Laurita 

Jaqueline Laurito/Instagram

For multiple seasons, Jaqueline Laurita‘s main storyline surrounded around how bad her daughter, Ashlee Holmes, was. Ashlee was the quintessential 2000s emo kid who was way too privileged and just wanted more attention. The mom and daughter’s interactions were hard to watch at times because it became obvious that Jaqueline would purposely trigger teenage Ashlee on camera. Even though Jaqueline was clearly frustrated, Ashlee was made to look like a bratty kid when, in fact, she was just struggling with her parents’ divorce. 

After years of strife, it looked like Ashlee and Jaqueline had made amends and really bonded. However, it seems like both women are on the outs again. Ashlee and Jaqueline no longer follow one another on social media. And in an odd twist, it seems Ashlee is much closer to the Manzo family, which seems weird because none of them speak with Jaqueline or her husband, Chris Laurita. Oh, how the tables have turned. 

Katie Rost

Katie Rost/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac star was an enigma from the start, but fans knew she would have dark times ahead as Katie Rost prepared for a custody battle with her ex-husband, Dr. James Orsini. In 2020, Katie revealed that she hadn’t seen her son or twin daughters in two years.

After their divorce in 2016, Katie alleged a long history of abuse, which her ex-husband denies. In a now-deleted Instagram post via Reality Blurb, Katie stated that she had the “police called on me the last two times I tried to have parenting time. Including called on my mother, me, and my grandmother on Mother day.”

Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough/Instagram

Who could ever forget just how rude Jeana Keough‘s three children were to her? Kara Keough, Shane Keough, and Colton Keough were extremely rude to their hard-working mother and often walked all over her. One of the worst examples of her children’s behavior came from her oldest son, Shane, after she tried to support him at his Triple-A baseball game. Instead of being happy that his mother made the journey, he walked away from her on the field, saying, “Get the f*ck away from me.”

The abusive moments continued during dinner, which showed Shane not being able to say one kind word to his mother. Today, it seems that all three children have a great relationship with Jeana, but for a while, it was touch and go. And most would argue their anger stemmed from their parent’s unhealthy relationship.