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James Kennedy Gives Update on Tom Sandoval Friendship: ‘Nothing Crazy’

Tom Sandoval’s still trying to rebuild his friendships with his Vanderpump Rules costars. Understandably, his peers are having a hard time truly moving forward, as Tom’s still heavily standing on the defense. Case in point, James Kennedy and Scheana Shay have both played the nice game with Tom. Yet, when their erroneous pasts were then tossed back into their faces, both of their repair efforts died.

It’s been a lot. For everyone. Including Tom. It’s also really starting to darken VPR Season 11.

Luckily, several beats have passed since the cameras went dark on Pump Rules. Therefore, a lot of the anger that we’re currently seeing has since dipped out from this dramatic affair storyline. Now, James is in a far better place with Tom. But on this, don’t be too excited/angry just yet, because currently, it’s “nothing crazy,” but hey, it’s at least a step in the right direction.

James has moved past his anger

Over on Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast, hosted by Alex Baskin, James spoke more about his current friendship with Tom, as Lala Kent sat nearby. To start, Alex noted that James and Tom used to be quite close. Due to this, he then asked James “Where are you guys now?” As James spoke, Lala weighed in, helping the conversation move along.

“I mean honestly, I’ve been seeing him around at some of the parties,” James answered. This saw Lala asking “Do you talk to him when you see him?” In response, James explained “Just like briefly, you know. Honestly, I don’t feel angry when I see him.”

Lala liked this, saying “That’s good.” James then added that he said “hi to him. I do smile. I’m not trying to think of the past. Obviously, whenever anyone thinks of the past of anything, you can get wound up.” Alex and Lala both agreed with James here.

James still had more to say though, explaining “But you know we were in a good high-energy place and I feel like, Schwartz is there, it’s breaking the ice a bit. I say hi to Tom. We’ll exchange convo for a little bit. But nothing crazy. I’m not hanging out with him or anything. We’re not texting, you know.”

It might not be crazy, but if it brings even an ounce of peace to VPR Season 12, then it’s a win.

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