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Milania Giudice Suffers Car Accident in New Mercedes Convertible

Milania Giudice just got a brand-new Mercedes convertible. This ride is the perfect choice for any college student in Tampa, as we (yes, I live here) are located right on the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, though, Milania just got into an accident, and her new whip is basically destroyed. Thankfully though, both of the drivers are fine.

The details on Milania’s wreck

Whenever an accident goes down with a celebrity, the first responders are always nearby to help. As is TMZ. Meaning, they help themselves to the tea. And by tea, I mean police reports.

According to these documents, Milania’s convertible collided with another vehicle in the city of Boonton, NJ. Apparently, she and the other driver then had a bit of a disagreement over who was at fault. On Milania’s end, she reported that the other driver ran their stop sign. Following this, she claims that they slowly traveled through an intersection and hit her car.

On their unknown end, they stated that they actually stopped at their stop sign, looked around, and then pulled out. Even still, they managed to somehow wind up crashing into Milania’s new Benz.

When the police arrived, they sided with this beloved “dorter” of Teresa Giudice, who often pops up alongside her mother on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Their reports stated that the other driver’s “inattention and failing to yield to the right of way” caused this wreck. Following this rather unfortunate event, her attorney James Leonard said “We are extremely grateful that nobody was hurt. That’s all that matters.”

Well said.

But also, this likely still stings for Milania. Per TMZ, her ride was so new that it still had its temporary tags on. Also, it had to be towed away from the scene. This means that it might be costly to repair. If that is even an option.

Milania and her family spent the rest of their weekend celebrating her upcoming move to Tampa.

On this, Tre, if you need someone nearby for a quick assist, I’m around.

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