Teresa Giudice
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Why Teresa Giudice Wants To Empower Her Daughters: ‘Don’t Rely on a Man’

Most people probably have mixed feelings about the children of Real Housewives. For one thing, viewers would assume the children live a life of luxury thanks to Bravo paychecks, on top of other socialite income.

On the other hand, for a child to be pulled into the world of drama, vitriol, and occasionally, the exploitation that comes with reality TV? It’s concerning. Teresa Giudice’s daughters would be a prime example of the recipients of these mixed feelings.

The kids made famous by The Real Housewives of New Jersey have done well piggybacking off their mother’s brand recognition. But is that a position they should be in? Would they be better off without recognition? All Teresa can hope for is their independence.

Teresa reflects on her daughters, money and marriage


Why Teresa Giudice Empowers Her Daughters to Be Independent @Teresa Giudice and @MelissaPfeister talk breaking ‘traditional’ gender norms and NOT relying on men for money during this week’s #NamasteBitches podcast! #rhonj #realhousewives #realhousewivesofnewjersey

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Speaking on her podcast, Teresa said, “I try to tell my daughters, like, I want them to work. Like, I want them to … not rely on a man.” She added, “I was married, but I feel like, with all the money I paid back and everything, I feel like I was never married.” I.e., Teresa’s income grew from marriage, then shrunk after her divorce.

Moreover, in speaking about her previous marriage, Teresa said, “I feel like I took care of myself with my four kids … I was by myself.” She continued, “I was married for 19 years and then we made 20 when he was in there,” referring to Joe Giudice’s stay in prison.

Teresa’s desire for her children to be independent is admirable, genuinely. That’s what any parent wants. That said, many RHONJ fans would likely argue that Teresa is far from independent. A great deal has been said about Luis Ruelas – his marriage to Teresa, his business, and his dealings with his fellow castmates. He begs the question: is Teresa truly independent with him?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 will debut on Bravo in 2024.