Lala Kent, who admits she started to "resent" the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 audience during the show airing on Bravo
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Lala Kent on Why She Started to ‘Resent’ Vanderpump Rules Audience

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent had a lot to say on the recent Season 11 finale, and she’s not stopping there, now opening up about why she started to “resent” the Pump Rules audience while Season 11 was airing.

“Before we sign off on this episode, as you guys know, Vanderpump Rules Season 11 has officially wrapped,” she said at the end of her Give Them Lala podcast on May 29. “It is bittersweet. Filming this season was bittersweet.”

While admitting it wasn’t easy to watch the episodes back, Lala added, “Reliving it was, in my opinion, one of the most difficult things or difficult seasons that I’ve ever had. I stopped talking about this season because … I was seeing things on social [media].”

Haters attacked Lala as a mother, which caused her to “resent” the VPR audience

Initially, Lala recapped episodes of Pump Rules on her podcast, but she stopped following the cast trip to Lake Tahoe, where she decided to make peace with Tom Sandoval after his role in Scandoval. Afterward, she started getting negative comments about her three-year-old daughter, Ocean Kent. The hateful comments about her daughter with ex-fiancé Randall Emmett made her stop the recaps.

“That made me [begin to] resent an audience that I have loved and adored for many years,” Lala explained. “It wasn’t about [fans] talking about the season. That part I love. It was about the comments that were talking about me as a parent.”

“I don’t show Ocean on the show,” Lala said, defending herself as a mother. “I’m very protective of [her] and the bond that we have.”

“She’s always going to have the most sacred soft space in my heart because of what we went through together when she was seven months old,” she added, referring to her messy split from Randall.

“Not being able to have her on the show was not my choice. Two parents have to sign off on a child’s appearance on TV, and the other side was not about it … That was okay because I got to hold this part of my life so close to my heart.”

Lala has another baby on the way

“Not only do I have to be a mother to Ocean … but I’m also having to create a very safe space in my body, physically, mentally, emotionally for the new baby that I’m creating,” Lala, who is expecting a second baby via sperm donor, added.

“I feel that me as a mother is completely off-limits. And when I see people talking about something they know nothing about, my blood starts to boil.”

Following the May 28 broadcast of the VPR reunion, Lala caught some heat for calling out Ariana Madix. She claimed that Ariana was calling the shots; something she wasn’t ever allowed to do.

Admitting that at times her comments “were not kind,” Lala continued, “It’s no secret that I react off of emotion most of the time. I have always been that way. It gets me into a lot of trouble … I simply see something I don’t like, hear something I don’t like, and go for the jugular because I feel hurt.”

From what I’ve seen, Lala is a loving mother to her little girl. As a mom myself, my heart breaks for her having to defend herself against haters who don’t understand what she goes through, especially as a single mom. Lala has grown by leaps and bounds from when she first started on VPR. Now that she’s been sober for over five years, she’s living her best life. I have nothing but respect for her.

Vanderpump Rules is now streaming on Peacock.