The Fabulous Friendship of RHOBH Stars Sutton Stracke and Jennifer Tilly

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Recently, Bravo confirmed the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 14. It seems producers heard the critiques about the one-and-done Housewives of Seasons 12 and 13. Because they really upped the casting game this time around. In addition to Bozoma Saint John, a certain celebrity friend of Sutton Stracke joins as a “friend of”.

An Oscar nominated actress, poker champion, and legendary scream queen, Jennifer Tilly is a huge get for RHOBH. Jennifer’s made cameos on the show over the years, but not in an official “friend of” capacity.

The ladies are already incredible on their own, but as a team? Let’s just say, the Fox Force Five wishes. We’d love to join Sutton and Jennifer’s friend group, which also includes Garcelle Beauvais. However, we’ll settle for watching it on our tvs.

How did Jennifer Tilly and Sutton Stracke meet?

Jennifer and Sutton first met at a charity gala for preserving ocean life. That was over a decade ago, and they’ve been super close ever since. Before Sutton’s Real Housewives fame, the socialite accompanied Jennifer to various galas, including Elton John’s annual Oscar party. Meanwhile, Jennifer supported Sutton at events for MOCA and the American Ballet Association. The Liar, Liar actress also appeared at the opening of Sutton’s store.

Sutton previously appeared on Jennifer’s show

RHOBH isn’t the only time the friends were co-stars. Sutton made a cameo appearance on Season 2 of the tv series Chucky. As fans of the Child’s Play horror franchise know, Jennifer plays a fictional version of herself, as well as Chucky’s girlfriend Tiffany Valentine. When Tiffany possessed Jennifer’s body (long story), Sutton guest starred as herself. In an interview promoting her appearance, Sutton gushed over her bestie’s acting chops.

Jennifer was on RHOBH Season 13

Season 13 was undoubtedly Sutton’s year. From “name ’em” to “carcass out!”, she brought the main character energy. And, yes, she also bought a horse. Jennifer appeared on the Season 13 premiere, when viewers learned more about Sutton’s large divorce settlement. Like Sutton, Jennifer gets a hefty sum from her previous marriage. She receives payments as part of the estate of her ex, Sam Simon, from The Simpsons.

Jennifer’s cameo got love on social media, where viewers begged Bravo to give her a diamond already.

Their WWHL appearance was a hoot

The fabulous friends appeared together on a 2022 episode of Watch What Happens Live. Jennifer, who is also an avid RHOBH viewer, defended her bestie against Diana Jenkins. In one segment, they gassed each other up- and also showed off their high fashion wardrobes- by looking back at old red carpet outfits. Jennifer also savagely shaded Randall Emmett’s poker skills…or lack thereof.

They love to travel in style (with salted caramel)

Both pals have a passion for fashion. In Season 13, Sutton recalled their years of trips to Fashion Weeks all over the world. She said they travel well together. Let’s hope that’s still the case if Jennifer comes along for one of the RHOBH cast trips.

Judging from Sutton’s anecdotes, we can also expect some wacky travel hijinks. Sutton recalled of one trip, “I did put one of her salted caramels in my ear on an Air France flight. I thought it was the earplugs and they were stuck in my ears, and we couldn’t get it out. And then she said, ‘Was that the salted caramel I gave you?’ I said, ‘Yes it was.’ I don’t know, we’re so stupid together.”

Sutton shared more about the salted caramel incident to The Wrap. “I was on the plane still. I’d just woken up and was all groggy. I really did think that they were earplugs. It took about a week to get them out completely. And my hair had gotten stuck in one of them.”

“Jennifer and I could not stop laughing,” Sutton added. “I said, ‘Were yours brown? And real sticky? I think mine were old.’ And she goes, ‘No, mine are orange. Did you put the salted caramels in your ears?’”

“It’s probably why I’m not right in their head,” Sutton joked, “Because I put caramels in my ears close to my brain. We couldn’t stop laughing for a week, it was so ridiculous,”

Jennifer cares for her friend

Sutton’s health was discussed a lot- arguably too much- last season. Her esophagus might as well have been a Housewife. Sutton even left the Season 13 reunion early due to a health scare.

On WWHL, Jennifer defended Sutton against the “sad” accusations that she faked the medical emergency. The Bound star joked, “she’s not that great of an actress”. One thing’s for sure, Jennifer always has Sutton’s back.

Jennifer has connections to Sutton’s RHOBH pals

Jennifer and Sutton hung out with Kathy Hilton, who will also be a “friend of” in Season 14. Additionally, Jennifer has a connection to another of Sutton’s pals and former co-stars. She starred in the 2003 Haunted Mansion movie. This was directed by Rob Minkoff, aka Hip Hop Rob, aka the husband of Crystal Kung Minkoff. Beverly Hills is a small world, after all! While Crystal and Sutton got off on the wrong foot (“Jealous of what, your ugly leather pants?”) they’ve become close friends. In fact, Sutton was devastated to learn Crystal wasn’t asked back for Season 14.

Jennifer chimes in on Sutton’s dating life

Sutton’s dating life gets a lot of attention on RHOBH. Jennifer, who is dating poker player Phil Laak, doesn’t hold back on her bestie’s suitors. She told Andy Cohen she’s a bit psychic about spotting red flags. “Yes, I’m very protective of little Miss Sutton,” Jennifer said on their 2022 WWHL episode, adding, “you know, she gets all excited. She thinks Bumble is like a candy store. She’s like, ‘That one, that one, that one, that one.’ I’m like, ‘hmm, Sutton, no!'” Jennifer also tried to get Andy to set up Sutton with John Mayer.

What did Sutton say about Jennifer joining RHOBH?

After Jennifer’s Season 13 appearance, Sutton advocated for her to join the show. Sutton gushed to The Wrap, “She’s got the clothes. She’s got the jewelry. She travels. She is hilarious. She also can be a great friend.” At the time, she insisted Jennifer should “at least” be a friend of. Before Jennifer’s casting was confirmed, Sutton played coy, but said that it’d be “a great joy” to have one of her “very best friends” on Season 14. Good thing Sutton – and many RHOBH fans – got their wish.