RHONY alum Eboni K. Williams reveals "miracle" pregnancy.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

RHONY Alum Eboni K. Williams Shares ‘Miracle’ Pregnancy News

Congratulations are in order for Eboni K. Williams!

We only got to know Eboni for one contentious season of Real Housewives of New York. Though her time was short, the attorney has stayed busy writing a book and presiding as a judge on her small-claims court show, Equal Justice with Eboni K. Williams. Oh, and roasting Bethenny Frankel’s “reality reckoning.”

Now, Eboni’s about to step into the role of a lifetime: mom!

Eboni’s due this summer; it’s a girl!

Two years ago, Eboni shared that she planned to use her frozen eggs and a sperm donor to pursue motherhood on her own. PEOPLE just revealed that Eboni, 40, is now pregnant with a baby girl. She’s set to arrive around August 16.

Eboni explained, “Anybody who’s gone through IVF or attempted IVF will tell you so many things have to go right for the final result of this journey to be a baby. That’s why I’ve called this ‘my remarkable miracle,’ because it really does feel like I’ve been the recipient of some very enormous favor from God above.”

Eboni’s been calling her daughter “one-of-one.”

“I did one egg retrieval at 34 years old, not really having a clear intention on if I would use those eggs or when I would use the eggs. And six years later, that one egg retrieval led to one genetically normal embryo which led to one successful embryo transfer. And — one pregnancy later — I’ll soon have, God willing, one beautifully healthy baby girl. So it really does feel like fate,” she shared.

However, Eboni admitted she wasn’t always sure about becoming a mom. “I want to say that with conviction and clarity; I was not the little girl that grew up fantasizing about having kids and what I would name them and all of that. That was not my dream or fantasy. I had no real expectation around it.”

It took some conversations with herself to gain clarity. “I was really thinking I would never use [the eggs], whether I got married again or didn’t. It was the pandemic and having some real existential conversations within my own self about legacy and life and love and the different ways in which I really wanted to explore family.”

She eventually decided to make her own path. “I really freed myself of the rigidness of what legacy, love, and family could look like. Those are the three pillars I reassessed. And it helped shake me from this idea of, ‘I have to have it this way on this timeline everyone else is following.'”

After everything, she decided it was her time. “There will always be that voice that says, ‘Maybe I should have waited to meet a man and remarry before I had a baby? Maybe I should not be trying to do this alone.’ But f*ck that! I’m not waiting…”

“I just refuse to wait one more day, that’s where I’m at. Everything I want to do, I’m doing right now. And I’m excited. I feel as ready as I’m ever going to be,” she concluded.

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