Billie Lee makes bold claims about Sandoval's girlfriend.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Billie Lee Makes Bold Claims About Tom Sandoval’s Girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson

Billie Lee is coming after Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson. Billie is a longtime friend of Tom’s. Vanderpump Rules viewers know this all too well, sometimes to their dismay. Indeed, Billie has been a polarizing figure for fans.

Nevertheless, Billie was a positive presence in Tom’s life. Reports suggested that she joined the Season 11 cast specifically to support a struggling Tom. However, things changed. Reportedly, the two aren’t talking anymore. And Victoria might be at the heart of the turmoil.

Billie accuses Victoria of controlling and endangering Tom

On her May 6 podcast, Billie levied some wild claims against Victoria. Reportedly, Victoria “[busted] in the house” one day “and started screaming and yelling” at Billie and Tom, accusing the two of cheating together. Billie decided to leave. Tom reportedly called her and apologized, “begging” her to come back. When she did come back, Victoria allegedly came in and yelled at them again.

Billie then accused Victoria of moving things around the house and messing with her belongings. Victoria also potentially moved Ariana’s things, as Tom was prone to do. Billie further alleged that Victoria made Tom’s drinking worse, and as such, he failed to meet certain responsibilities in his life. He started missing work and other planned engagements.

Billie outlined that this was a problem since Tom was “broke” in the wake of Scandoval and needed any meeting he could take. As such, Billie did not invite Victoria to a planned intervention for Tom. Once Victoria found this out, she allegedly treated Billie as though she “killed her dog.”

But that’s not where the allegations stop. Billie would later text Tom something to the effect of, “‘Yo. I just have to let you know … I can’t do this anymore. I was there for you.’ But, like – and the crazy thing is, Victoria reads his texts. And he told me like, ‘Be careful what you text me.’” Billie recalled how Victoria would say things she couldn’t have known otherwise.

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