Why Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Has Every Right To Be Annoyed With Craig Conover

Why Summer House's Kyle Cooke should be angry with Craig Conover.
Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

Every Bravo fan knows just how hard Summer House’s Kyle Cooke has worked on developing Loverboy. Kyle always had a passion for business and isn’t a stranger to dealing with startup companies. Loverboy’s sparkling hard teas and canned cocktails have gone from five to 150 distributors in a single year. The drink even managed to outsell Bud Light Seltzer amid a global pandemic. Kyle was also a genius to market Loverboy on Summer House. As viewers are well aware, he has exclusively had his boxes, designed by Amanda Batula, as the main frame of each bar. 

Everywhere you turn, there is a variety box or Limoncello spritz box just staring right through your soul. I’m not too proud to admit that I love a refreshing Loverboy and have even ordered merchandise! So it makes sense that Kyle would be annoyed when Craig Conover, who sells pillows, just waltzed in, partnering with a main rival. When it comes to business Kyle takes the intricate workings exceptionally seriously. This season alone, we have seen him throw many tantrums over the state of the drink franchise. Friendship means a lot to Kyle, but a sense of loyalty means more. 

Kyle is peeved

While on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle didn’t mince words when addressing his issues with the Southern Charm OG. When Andy Cohen asked why he thinks Spritz Society (the company in question) signed Craig, Kyle had some insight. He noted that the founder of the rival drink company had taken him out to dinner but had failed to mention Craig’s endorsement deal at the time.

This entire conversation went down while milking him for industry information. Kyle stated it “was days before they did the deal. So a really shady operation. And then Craig had already signed a deal when he confronted me. And then he claimed he didn’t know I had a spritz.” Sadly, this type of forgetfulness tracks for our Craigy. But I’d still be upset, too, if I were Kyle. Hell, I’d be questioning if it was worth keeping up a friendship at all. 

Kyle explains his side

The Loverboy founder didn’t even compare his business to Craig’s influencing gig. Instead, he said, “It’s not a rivalry if you’re not doing anything. They’re riding you for your Instagram. All the articles that come out are about Loverboy.” The Summer House star isn’t wrong. Taking a quick trip around Google proved his sentiment. Most of the articles out there are about Loverboy, so at least he is getting some press out of the debacle. Kyle went on to say, “I don’t wish anybody ill will, but the way they went about it really rubbed me the wrong way.” Omg it’s Bethenny vs Sonja’s “cheater brand” for Millenials.

Is Craig a fibber?

When Andy asked, “Does Craig have a reputation for lying?” Kyle quipped, “Well, that’s what I’ve been told. We launched our espresso martini during Winter House. He knows we don’t just do teas.” For Kyle, it feels like Spritz Society is a copycat company that was launched a year and a half after Loverboy; and took a page out of Loverboy’s book. Kyle made a valid point: “Whenever someone says, ‘It’s just business, ‘ that is when they are trying to justify something they did wrong.” After seeing how quickly the deal went down, it feels like Craig acted shady.

Craig’s side

On the flip side, Craig is spilling the (hard) tea on why he invested with the competing company. The Southern Charm star told Page Six that he “always wanted to have an alcoholic brand in his investment portfolio.” Craig said, “When the opportunity presented itself, I’m just such an easy sell. I’m just such a yes-man! Part of my investment came with designing my own flavor. I will have my own can.” After taking a peek, I noticed that the Spritz Society packaging is also bright, bubbly, and eye-catching, much like Loverboy. 

While Craig sidestepped, addressing being true rivals with Loverboy, he added that he “always respected Kyle’s hustle.” While Craigy was more than ready to invest in Loverboy, he said, “That wasn’t an option.” I am curious how the partners are handling this. Amanda and Paige DeSorbo are very close. Personally, if I were Paige, I’d be livid that my boyfriend did anything to jeopardize my sisterhood. I hope these conversations play out on the new season of Southern Charm. 

I don’t know. I personally think Kyle has every right to be very annoyed with his so-called friend. But as Bravo stars, each has to do all they can to earn as much of their reality TV name because, as we all know, fame is fleeting.