The Traitors Season 3 Predictions After Cast Is Revealed

Alan Cumming will return to host The Traitors Season 3 cast
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

The Traitors Season 3 cast has been revealed, meaning production is officially underway. Soon, a bunch of reality TV stars – and handful of other famous names – will all compete, hoping to secure a spot at the Fire of Truth. A huge prize pot is up for grabs, so expect to see plenty of drama along the way. Now that the Season 3 Traitors cast has been revealed, let’s dive in. I’ve got some predictions to make…

The Traitors Season 3 cast and their likely alliances

The Traitors Season 3 cast includes six Bravolebrities. These messes are none other than Dorinda Medley, Chanel Ayan, Dolores Catania, Robyn Dixon, Ciara Miller, and Tom Sandoval. Will these six form an alliance like we saw in Season 2? Likely.

In addition to these characters, we’ve also got four stars from Survivor. These never-dies are “Boston” Rob Mariano, Tony Vlachos, Jeremy Collins, and Carolyn Wiger. I’m calling it. These four will forge an alliance as well.

Up next, we’ve got our outliers. You know, those who are found primarily on the major streaming apps, or even on Broadcast television. These names include Chrishell Stause, Britney Haynes, Danielle Reyes, Bob the Drag Queen, Wells Adams, Gabby Windey, Dylan Efron, Bob Harper, and Nikki Garcia. I predict that at first, these nine will stand as one, but after a few episodes eventually pass, all bets are off.

But if you ask me, Chrishell, Gabby, and Bob the Drag Queen will be tight. The other Bob won’t be let in. He won’t pass their vibe check.

Wildly, two additional characters are also pulling up to this massive Scottish castle of fun. My friends, I don’t know how this happened, but we’ve gotten ourselves a member of the British Royal Family in Lord Ivar Mountbatten, and also, Britney Spears’ ex, Sam Asghari. As for these two, I have far more questions than I do predictions. IYKYK.

Oh to be a fly on these ancient walls…

Who will be picked to be a Traitor?

Listen. We’re all thinking it. Even the internet is mentioning it all on this, but alas, I still predict that Sandoval will be a Traitor. Clearly, this man is the opposite of a Faithful.

But also, perhaps this pick is a little too obvious. No? Either way, buckle up into any random motorcycle’s side car, because whatever goes down with this man, he’s likely to cause many deflective-filled scenes in this castle. But also, if it’s not Sandoval, then my money is on Britney, who will at least be able to hold her own in any given b*tch fight that might arise.

My next prediction is Dolores. In real life, she’s as Faithful as they come, but this is exactly what would make her an excellent pick as a Traitor. She knows how to play nice with everyone, and very rarely does she show her hand. No one would ever be able to pinpoint Dolores moving about their castle, murdering her costars in the secrecy of the night.

Finally, I predict that Carolyn will be another one of our first-picked Traitors. Just like Dolores, Carolyn holds her cards closely. Time and time again on Survivor, she fooled her fellow contestants. She’s also highly entertaining, which is needed in the turrets of death scenes.

Which of the Traitors Season 3 cast will do well?

Madonna with Bob the Drag Queen, who is a part of The Traitors Season 3 cast
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In this game, personality matters. Let’s be honest. If you’re hard to live with, your name is going up for banishment rather quickly. Looking at those who bring the fun, the smarts, and/or the trust vibes, I predict that several of these stars will make it rather far.

As for who, I’m predicting to see Boston Rob, Jeremy, Carolyn, Bob the Drag Queen, Chanel, Tony, Danielle, and Dolores lasting for quite awhile. As an aside, I also feel like Robyn will become the Shereé Whitfield of this season, staying alive simply because she’s unable to read, or even find, any of the rooms.

Who will die early?

Dorinda Medley is a part of the Traitors Season 3 cast
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I love Dorinda, but I’m calling her time of death as being very early on. Maybe even first. Overall, she’s fun, but she’s also temperamental. This is a big no-no when it comes to making it nice with your costars.

Joining her in this early grave could be Sandoval and Sam. Possibly, Lord Ivar as well, unless he can give his costars what they (aka everyone) wants, which is some classic British tea. We have questions on the Royals, and if this Lord cannot deliver, he might instead die early (a fake death, on TV, don’t come for me, Constables).

Who will win The Traitors Season 3?

Dolores Catania was announced as a member of the Traitors Season 3 cast
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Those who make it all the way to the finale are typically incredibly savvy. They’ve built alliances that have helped them to avoid banishment, and they’ve also been able to keep most of the suspicious eyes off of their backs. If how they move on their respective reality television series are any indicators for us to go by here, then I’ve got a few predictions on who might be taking home the win this season.

Dolores knows how to play a decent long game. She’s going to be in this to win this, and I think that her chances on doing so are pretty high. If my other prediction rings true, and Carolyn is also a Traitor, she’s likely to be left standing at the end as well.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Boston Rob or Danielle taking home the prize pot either. These two know how to play a strategic game. That is, if they’re able to stay alive long enough to continue battling it out on The Traitors Season 3.

The Traitors Seasons 1-2 are available to stream now on Peacock.