Would Jesse Solomon and Brynn Whitfield Make a Good Couple?

Singles Jesse Solomon and Brynn Whifield might make a good couple.
Photo Credit: John Nacion/Getty Images

Jesse Solomon and Brynn Whitfield are two of Bravo fans’ new favorite stars. Could they also become Bravo’s new favorite couple? Eagle-eyed viewers on social media noticed that the Summer House star appeared to shoot his shot on Brynn’s Instagram. When Brynn captioned a photo to say she was looking for someone in finance, plus “trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes”, Jesse commented, “Should I get color contacts”.

Bravo fans love a crossover series couple, especially Jesse’s co-star Paige DeSorbo and her boyfriend Craig Conover. While Paige and Craig are going strong, other Bravo crossover couples haven’t gone the distance. Even if things don’t work out, it’s fun to speculate. At BravoCon 2023, for instance, fans were shipping Captain Jason Chambers with ladies from throughout the Bravoverse.

I think Brynn and Jesse could make a good couple, and here’s why.

Brynn and Jesse have fan support

When fan account Queens of Bravo posted a screenshot of Jesse’s flirting, the comments section was universally shipping the pair. The Real Housewives of New York star herself cheekily commented a bunch of eye emojis on the post. In the replies to her comment, fans gushed over how cute they would be together.

Instagram account starsxalyssa posts a lot of Bravo/astrology crossover content and wrote that the two could be written in the stars. Alyssa replied to Brynn, “Love this astrologically…lots of Aquarius and air placements. Which would lead to amazing conversations and intellectually a meeting of the minds!” Bravo While Black commented that Brynn “would turn him every which way but loose and I would absolutely live” to which Brynn replied, “??‍↔️?”.

Brynn and Jesse both live in NYC

Bravo fans love Paige and Craig together, but there’s an obvious and recurring issue in their relationship. As in, neither party wants to leave the city they live in or the show they star on. While Paige appears on Southern Charm, she’s made it clear she doesn’t want to be in Charleston full-time. Considering how independent Paige is, this arrangement seems to mostly work. In a recent episode, she joked that she sometimes pretends to need Craig to make him feel better. But this attitude also made Danielle Olivera question their relationship.

In fact, all of the major crossover Bravo couples over the years have dealt with the issues of dating long distance. But Jesse and Brynn live and work in the same city, which means they don’t have to wait for BravoCon or Watch What Happens Live to meet in person.

They’re both huge flirts

Brynn and Jesse are both charming, funny, and constant flirts. In fact, their love of flirting can get them both into some hot water. Jesse’s flirty comments towards Amanda Batula lead to speculation and rumors, despite her marriage to Kyle Cooke. Jesse poked fun at this speculation in a very cheeky Instagram caption, where he praised Amanda’s (LoverBoy) cans. Jesse also flirted with Amanda’s bestie Paige. While some viewers thought it was disrespectful, Paige defended Jesse, joking that she would cry if no one flirted with her.

On RHONY, Brynn got some backlash for her frequent flirting. Especially when it was with Erin Lichy’s husband Abe. Of course, some thought Erin overreacted. And Brynn’s flirting drove fans wild in her Watch What Happens Live appearance with Tyler Cameron.

If Brynn and Jesse got together, we could imagine some serious, Old Hollywood-level, His Girl Friday-esque flirting and banter. At the very least, Bravo should schedule them to appear on WWHL together.

Both have been through real hardships

Another thing that Jesse and Brynn have in common is their positive outlook despite some difficult struggles. Jesse is a two-time cancer survivor, and his anxiety over a cancer screening was one of Summer House Season 8’s most emotional moments. Like his co-star West Wilson, Jesse completely won Summer House viewers over with his sense of humor, charm, and infectious smile.

Brynn opened up about her difficult childhood on RHONY. Though tearing up about her past, Brynn said it’s why she chooses to be such a happy person now.

They’re ridiculously good-looking

On a purely shallow level, Brynn and Jesse would look great together. Even if they never date, a photo op together would make Bravo fans swoon.