Lisa and Lenny Hochstein fighting over household items amid divorce.
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Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Fighting Over Household Items Including Waffle Maker

The level of pettiness in Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein’s divorce knows no bounds. Of course, their breakup has been messy from the beginning. He was already running around with a young model about 5 seconds after breaking things off with Lisa. Still, this process just gets worse and worse.

On Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa opened up about the complicated nature of their divorce. The prenup said he had to build her a house, but then even that had stipulations. The last update we heard on the show was that things got “significantly worse.” Unfortunately, that still seems to the the case. New court documents show that they’re fighting over a bunch of random household items.

They’re dividing every single asset

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You might recall that Lisa and Lenny already fought over household items earlier in the divorce. Lenny claimed that Lisa yanked an unreasonable amount of furniture and artwork when she moved out. Somehow, he’s still complaining about it.

According to Us Weekly, Lenny and his lawyers resurfaced the issue of the missing furniture and artwork because Lisa recently claimed that her ex owed her money for moving expenses. Mind you, these are people who shared a $50 million mansion. However, Lenny is stuck on the fact that Lisa took more than what she should have.

Allegedly, the apartment that Lisa moved into was already furnished, so Lenny felt like she had no business taking items from the marital home like their $35,000 foyer table. Court docs also claimed Lisa took 22 out of 25 art pieces in the house, in addition to plants, a Christmas tree, fine wines, and most importantly, a waffle maker.

Lenny really needs his waffles

Aside from the $35,000 foyer table, most of these items could easily be replaced by a quick trip to HomeGoods. Regardless, Lenny and his lawyers argued that Lisa was being malicious by taking the items from the house. In particular, they said the waffle maker was something he used with their kids every weekend.

“[Lisa] never used it and clearly took it anyway just to prevent [Lenny] from enjoying his weekend tradition with his children,” the court docs read.

While Lenny and his lawyers fight for their kitchen appliances, Lisa’s legal team argues that this whole thing is just another attempt at Lenny trying to make Lisa look bad. In a statement, Lisa said she felt “saddened” by the back-and-forth. Meanwhile, Lisa’s lawyer straight-up dragged Lenny.

Lisa’s attorney said, “It is a shame that Lisa is forced to litigate meritless issues in order to have Lenny’s claims dismissed, rather than conserving the parties’ financial resources for their children.”

She continued, “While Lenny’s actions in the divorce are intended to disparage and cast aspersions on Lisa, Lisa remains steadfast in her belief that the parties should focus on putting their children first and attempt to peacefully co-parent with one another.”

For the sake of the kids, we’re hopeful that Lenny can get his hands on a new waffle maker and that this nightmare divorce can come to an end soon. At this point, it’s been over two years of this back-and-forth. Moving on would do everybody good.