RHONJ cast walking on eggshells amid Season 14 troubles.
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Report: RHONJ Cast ‘Walking on Eggshells’ and ‘Scared of Speaking Out’

Real Housewives of New Jersey is facing some of its lowest ratings ever. And at this point, it’s a little late for the cast to try and deliver. Viewers could likely point to several reasons for the show’s dip in quality. The most prevalent might be Teresa Giudice’s ongoing feud with Melissa Gorga. But rumor has it, even the queens of NJ are scared of losing it all.

Are RHONJ’s low ratings Mel and Tre’s fault?

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A source told The U.S. Sun that producers blame the OGs for the series’ low ratings. Moreover, the source said, “It seems like the cast is in part blaming Teresa and Melissa’s feud for the poor ratings and the uncertain future.”

The insider continued, “Fans followed their relationship since Melissa became a housewife in season three and they want to continue to see the ups and downs.” However, since the relationship became nonexistent, ratings logically dipped. For more info on current ratings, see this page on TV Deets.

As for the reunion, the source said, “There was a date scheduled to tape the reunion for the end of June and as of last week, the cast each got a phone call from the network and said to no longer hold the date because they’re not going to have a traditional reunion.”

The insider assured readers, “It will become clear why there’s no reunion.”

RHONJ reunion cancellation may signal a reboot

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Reportedly, the reunion’s cancellation has the cast extremely nervous. “All of the cast is in the dark about the reunion and even what’s going to happen after this season is over. It’s still too early to know about season 15 but everyone has no clue.”

With such low ratings and everyone’s job potentially in jeopardy, the insider floated the possibility of a reboot. Kim DePaola also posited the likelihood of a reboot after the cast’s reaction to the reunion’s cancellation.

“It seems like the cast is more anxious about what’s going to happen next and just waiting for another update.” The source added that the cast “is walking on eggshells.” They explained, “They’re scared of speaking out and possibly having it backfire and putting their job on the line.”

Apparently, the RHONJ cast lives with Big Brother watching over them. “Execs are keeping a close eye on what they are posting on social media because there have been many leaks to fan pages.” Andy Cohen made his disdain for the leaks all too clear. Time might be up for the New Jersey cast as we know it.

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