Bethenny Frankel attacks luxury brands.
Photo Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images via Getty Images

Bethenny Frankel Goes After Luxury Brands: ‘Reached the Point of Exploitation’

Anybody who knows Bethenny Frankel also knows she isn’t afraid to rock the boat. After her many years stirring the pot on reality TV, she’s back with another interesting take. And this time… it’s all about luxury fashion. You know, the brands that only top-notch celebrities and the richest of Real Housewives wear. According to B, consumers need to ditch the high-end labels. Instead of expensive price tags, Queen B says women should switch to something more affordable: knockoffs.

Bethenny slams high-end fashion labels… says women should buy “dupes” and “knockoffs”

If you’ve been keeping up with B since she departed RHONY, the reality star has had a lot to say. And she does it all from her wildly popular TikTok account. Although she deleted this specific video, Daily Mail captured it before it was too late, and we’re dishing about it all.

At the beginning, the Bravo alum told her followers she was permitting them to ditch luxury labels and to wear “dupes.”

“Why? Because I think that the luxury brand space has reached the point of exploitation,” she said. “Exploiting the insecurities of women where they’re gonna feel whole or secure if they can flex a shopping bag that contains something that costs $50, maximum to make, that costs tens of thousands of dollars.”

The ex-Housewife, who is supposedly leading a reality TV reckoning, continued, saying consumers could likely find the same products much cheaper. She likened it to the makeup industry; however, she noted most people don’t want to wear fake designer. Eventually, she mentioned other brands she believed were high fashion yet affordable.

“There are some brands that are expensive but haven’t gone off the total deep end, like for example, I think Valentino does a good job,” she said.

“I can afford anything I want,” she continued. “I’ve gotten to the point where some of the crazy, insane, expensive pieces I know it’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence, and I won’t let you do that.”

“A brand that increases their prices from $5,000 to $10,000 in a matter of years when the bag costs $50 to make, all bets are off with you wanting to wear any knockoff you want.”

She finished her rant, saying the industry is “taking advantage” of shoppers—specifically women. “… they’re insulting your intelligence as a consumer and a woman,” she said.

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