Monica Garcia on Lisa Barlow's lawsuit.
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Monica Garcia on Lisa Barlow Lawsuit: ‘Legit Karma in Real Time’

Monica Garcia is currently reveling in the news about Lisa Barlow. For those who didn’t hear, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City OG is facing a hefty lawsuit.

A man named Bart Carlson recently filed a suit against Lisa, claiming to be her former friend and business partner. He allegedly loaned her over $400,000 with no payment plan since the two were so close. As such, Carlson further alleged that Lisa would always shirk her payment responsibilities, hence the lawsuit.

Lisa, of course, denied the claims, saying she always paid her outstanding debts. She did, however, confirm that she and Carlson were once friends and business partners. But whatever may be true or untrue, Monica can’t help but take some pleasure in the situation.

Monica says Lisa is paying for her lost ring shade

Monica Garcia shares thoughts on Lisa Barlow's lawsuit.
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TooFab recently had a chat with Monica about all things RHOSLC. When the lawsuit came up, Monica said, “I’m so glad you asked,” all too pleased to touch on the matter. “When I tell you that karma is so real. I’m not even saying it’s true or false or anything. But this is what happens. That woman made it seem like I took her $60K ring to the entire world.”

Season 4 fans will no doubt remember the ring debacle. Lisa lost her ring while at the airport during the cast’s trip to Palm Springs. Monica felt that Lisa insinuated she stole the ring, though, Lisa never explicitly accused her of such. Time after time, even at the reunion, Monica emphatically denied taking the jewelry.

“I never even saw that ring. This is the sh*t that happens. This is legit karma in real time,” Monica continued. “You blamed someone wrongly and lied, making it look like I stole from you and now you’re having the lie on you for half a million dollars. That’s what they call ten-fold.”

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