Breaking Down Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin’s RHONJ Physical Fight

Breaking down the physical altercation between Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin.
Photo Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Food Bank For New York City

Jennifer Aydin walked onto Real Housewives of New Jersey as a polarizing character. She was new money, had the biggest home in Paramus, NJ, and married a plastic surgeon. She loved anything related to Chanel and quickly formed a friendship/alliance with OG Teresa Giudice. Jen was no stranger to finding herself in the middle of the drama. She rarely apologized for her outbursts and seemed to enjoy giving her costars a verbal lashing. 

On the other hand, Danielle Cabral was Staten Island loud, but when she debuted in the Garden State series, she struck fans with genuineness. The mother of two was excited to make new friends and see where the role of a housewife could lead her. Sadly, her freshman season showed Danielle being used as a puppet by Tre and Jen. However, Season 14 shows Danielle wising up to the hyenas of the group, with the newest episode showing her finally standing up for herself.

The crux of the issue


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I swear, for a second, I almost had whiplash because I really thought Jen, Tre, and Danielle were the three musketeers. Season 13 showed them all buddying up and having one another’s back. But something went very wrong from the moment Bravo cameras turned off, and the charity event was hosted by the rookie. During a tense Trouble in Tulum chat, Jennifer finally revealed what had given her the ick about Danielle. Initially, Jen insinuated that the fight was over Danielle’s charity event and her lack of charitable donations. The last episode had Jen alluding that Danielle took money away from the cancer charity to pay herself for her time. But as their poolside chit-chat heated up, Jennifer had another accusation that she decided to throw like a grenade into the conversation. 

The Turkish Jersey princess alleged that Danielle and Dolores Catania’s hairdresser, Melissa, had asked her to take part in a photo shoot to promote her new line of hair extensions. For this part, both brawlers agreed. Danielle noted that she only gave Jen a heads-up of what to expect from the shoot. The Staten Island native was worried Jen’s hair team would be upset by the promotion. Jennifer, however, claimed Danielle was trying to “sabotage” her hairdresser. As the accusations flew, tempers heated up. 

The big fight

Danielle couldn’t hide her rage as she yelled, “You f*cking piece of shit, motherf*cker. That’s what you are. Don’t you f*cking dare. My people are my people. I fu*king ride with my people.” Danielle couldn’t keep her cool as she stated, “Everybody was right about you. You’re a piece of sh*t. You’re a f*cking dirtbag.” At this point, Jennifer claps back, “You’re a f*cking dirtbag,” and pushes her costar. Danielle reacts by throwing her drink in Jen’s face. What a waste of tequila. 

Now, this is where my investigative journals come into play. After multiple rewinds and slow-motion replay, I can comfortably say none of this would have escalated if Jen hadn’t first pushed Danielle’s shoulders. It then looks like Jen takes her hands back to her face as if she is about to throw a punch. At this time, Danielle notes the hand movement, grabs her drink, and throws it, breaking the cup in half.  

The aftermath

At this moment, Nate Cabral quickly jumped in and broke up the brawl. Nate deescalates the situation and promptly escorts his wife out of Teresa’s home. But not before she tells Bill Aydin, “Your wife’s a b*tch. Your wife’s a dirty f*cking dumb b*tch. Just so you know, when you go to bed at night, you’re sleeping with the f*cking devil.” 

As Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers were told at the time of the altercation, Bravo suspended both Jen and Danielle while they conducted a full investigation. The fight caused a severe rift between the cast, which has had repercussions all the way to the reunion. Bravo announced there would be no reunion or end-of-season cast trip. I hope the fight was worth it because it looks like the series may get a reboot.