Teresa Giudice’s Messiest RHONJ Moments

Teresa Giudice's messiest RHONJ moments.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Since 2009, I have been intently watching Teresa Giudice make a mess out of her family life and friend circle. I can’t say it has always been her fault. But I have dedicated enough hours to scrutinizing every scene, and I dare say I am a Bravo historian at this rate. When the Real Housewives of New Jersey first graced our screen, it was fresh. The women were all friends or family. And there seemed to be a real bond as we learned blood isn’t always thicker than water. However, along the way, Tre lost her footing and began leaving a wake of chaos trailing behind her. Here are some of my all-time favorite moments when Teresa was behaving badly.  

B*tch wife

As they say, it takes two to tango. Joe Giudice was known for his philandering ways, but Tre always looked the other way. One moment that stands out is the winery trip from hell. At the time, Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita were trying to mend fences, but instead, Joe was caught on an intimate phone call. Joe could be heard talking to what fans assumed was a mistress as he noted, “Here comes my b*tch wife.” He also called Tre a “c*nt.” Perhaps the worst part was that he tried to pretend it was a worker on the other line and started speaking broken Spanish. 

Years later, Teresa finally revealed that Joe did, in fact, have a second phone. The mother of four threw the father of her children under the table, noting she found the phone when “Gia was three years old. He had a separate cellphone with one girl.” It wasn’t like we were shocked by the revelation. It just seemed odd to come clean about the alleged cheating after years of denying the infidelity. 

Pour one out

Teresa is no stranger to being cornered after co-stars figure out her tall tales. But seeing her try to create her iconic table-flipping scene on Margaret Josephs was pretty unhinged. The OG didn’t understand that Margaret wasn’t spreading rumors about her new beau. In the end, she erupted like Vusuvius on the Macbeth Collection owner. It all went down in Nashville when Marge decided to call her former friend a “disgusting liar.” Within a blink of an eye, Teresa had wiped the table clear of any glass wear, spilling sour mix and tequila all over everyone.

Things got infinitely worse when Margaret added, “Luckily, you’re still not on parole.” Teresa lost any composure she had left and tried to go after the blonde in pigtails physically. Thank goodness security had beefed up over the seasons and was able to hold the one-time bodybuilder back. 

We don’t live in Switzerland

I never thought I’d see the day Teresa turned on her Paterson sister, Dolores Catania. But Season 8 showed me just that. Somehow, Kim D had wiggled her way back into the group. Hell must have frozen over, too, because Melissa Gorga and Tre were on the same side, wanting Dolores to pick a side. Siggy Flicker had just shared that she and D would be walking in the Posche fashion show. Kim D was no friend to Giudice/Gorga sisters as she called Melissa a stripper and accused Tre of cheating. 

Dolores tried to share her side of the story calmly. Dolores claimed to be neutral, sharing that she has been a good friend to the OG. She also pointed out that Tre was once very close to Kim. But Teresa saw red. First, she calmly stated, “I’m fuming right now.” And as her hand gripped the glass tighter, her choker necklace tightened as the veins bulged. Tre yelled, “It’s not true. You should have stood up for me,” leading Dolo to retaliate. The whole fight was grimy, with Teresa figuring out a bit too late that she shouldn’t try to bite the hand that feeds her. We don’t call Dolores the Muscle of New Jersey for nothing. 

The table flip

I couldn’t make a list without Season 1’s table flip. Not only was there emotional baggage to pick up, but there were a ton of broken plates to clean up. If this wasn’t the messiest moment for Teresa, I’m not sure what is. This scene solidified that Tre’s bad behavior would be embraced for future seasons. It even gave us our most recent moment when Tre called John Fuda the “Biggest drug dealer in Bergen County.” Will the OG ever learn? I doubt it.