Below Deck Med Season 9: Who Will Be Fired?

Who might be fired from Below Deck Med Season 9?
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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 is off to a rocky start. While Captain Sandy Yawn and fan favorite Chief Stew Aesha Scott have been delivering, the rest of the crew hasn’t been. The season’s first two charters haven’t gone as planned, and Captain Sandy is starting to get fed up.

With every season of Below Deck, there is always the unpleasant possibility of getting fired. So far on Below Deck Med Season 9, multiple crew members have already dropped the ball several times. This puts them in danger of the dreaded pink slip, While we don’t know for sure if anyone will get axed this season, these three crew members are currently at risk.

Bri Muller

Will stew Bri Muller make it through Below Deck Med Season 9?
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Bri Muller is the 3rd Stew this season, and unfortunately, she is painfully green. Despite claiming that she’s worked on boats before, Bri is noticeably inexperienced.

During the first charter, Bri struggled with some of the simplest tasks assigned to the Stews. Bri’s first challenge was in the laundry room, where she struggled to get the steamer working. Eventually, Aesha had to come in and take over, which didn’t look good for Bri. As if this wasn’t bad enough, a few items of the guests’ clothing ended up getting lost on the way.

Bri also had a hard time with cabins, which is another important job of the interior team. The cabins Bri did looked messy and unprofessional, which reflects poorly on the whole crew. If Bri doesn’t improve soon, there’s a chance that Captain Sandy may decide to fire her. The interior team needs all of its members to do their best, and at this point, Bri is starting to become dead weight.

Chef Johnathan Shillingford

Is Chef Jono safe from being fired on Below Deck Med Season 9?
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Chef Johnathan “Jono” Shillingford has had an extremely rocky start to Season 9, which could lead to him getting fired.

During the first charter, Jono didn’t exactly blow the guests away with his food. Furthermore, he got himself into a sticky situation when 2nd Stew Elena Dubaich tried to wake him to make food for the guests. Jono declined, and Captain Sandy immediately sided with him. However, many others felt that Jono should’ve gotten up to make food, and thought that he was in the wrong.

The second charter has been even worse for Jono so far. Every meal Jono has sent out has disappointed the guests, beginning with the seafood tacos. The guests found them to be too spicy, and they weren’t blown away. Shortly afterward, the chicken Jono made for dinner also fell short with the guests. They felt that it had too much rosemary, and ultimately it didn’t satisfy their palettes.

The “icing on the cake” ironically ended up being the chocolate sponge cake Jono whipped up for dessert. The guests were unhappy with the lack of chocolate flavor, as well as the raspberry sorbet he served on the side. The next morning, Jono disappointed the guests yet again when they were served cold eggs. Come on Jono, when guests pay this much for a charter, they expect the best of the best!

At the end of the third episode, Captain Sandy learns of Jono’s kitchen mishaps and calls him up to the bridge. While the episode left off on a cliffhanger, it seems like Jono’s firing could be imminent.

Iain Maclean

Will bosun Iain Maclean be saved from the axe on Below Deck Med Season 9?
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Iain Maclean is the Bosun this season, but one huge mistake could potentially cost him his position. During the second charter, one of the guests decided that they wanted to go out paddle boarding. Deckhand Nathan Gallager accompanied her for the excursion, which ended up going south. Nathan and the guest ended up way too far from the boat and had to be picked up and brought back by another.

Captain Sandy was furious when she learned what happened, and rightfully so. Safety is any Captain’s first priority, and what happened under Iain’s watch put both Nathan and the guest in danger. Neither one of them were wearing a life jacket, which Sandy pointed out put them both at risk of drowning. Iain should’ve made sure that safety measures were put into place, which he failed to do. As the Bosun, this is a very bad look for him.

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