Rachel Leviss, who has filed new court documents against Ariana Madix
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Rachel Leviss Goes After Ariana Madix in New Court Documents

Rachel Leviss’ lawsuit against Ariana Madix is ongoing, as is her suit against her Vanderpump Rules affair partner Tom Sandoval. But this is about Ariana, for now. Clearly, Rachel and Tom’s affair landed disastrously, both on Pump Rules and off. And now, Rachel’s holding everyone accountable, but it’s up to the courts to decide what’s legit, and what’s not.

To recap, it was Ariana who first found a sexually charged video of Rachel in Tom’s phone. Ariana ended her relationship, and in turn, their cast, and most of the viewing public, turned against this duplicitous duo. This saw Rachel entering into a mental health facility, and then emerging, ready to take on her former VPR foes.

As for her case against Ariana, Rachel’s got some new details to add to her court documents. This is getting messier by the week.

The new Rachel Leviss court documents try to paint Ariana Madix in a terrible light

Ariana Madix, who Rachel Leviss has filed new court documents against
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Rachel is accusing Ariana of sharing the video that she found on Tom’s phone with third parties. In a declaration filed in this case though, Ariana shut down this theory, stating “I did not send the videos to anyone else. Nor did I share, display, or show the videos to anyone else. To be clear, I only saw the video of [Rachel] masturbating in places secluded from others.”

I’d die. But Rachel lived. However, several months ago, Ariana filed an Anti-SLAPP motion, hoping to dismiss herself from Rachel’s case. The hearing on this is soon, but Rachel’s making it known now that she’s against Ariana’s motion to exit.

In Touch grabbed Rachel’s latest declaration, which states that she believes very little in Ariana’s shared-not claims.

“But that is not all that happened. In her own sworn testimony, Madix acknowledges that she stole and disseminated them. She distributed the recordings from their original source on Sandoval’s phone to herself and to me at a minimum,” Rachel stressed.

Rachel further added that she “entered treatment in an extremely dark and scary place mentally … While I have come a long way since March 2023, my recovery remains very much a work in progress. I can state unequivocally that Madix’s actions, as described above, were a principal contributor to the severity of my emotional distress. The urgency and breadth of my need for treatment were necessitated, in particular, by Madix’s theft, dissemination, and continued possession of the illicit materials.”

And now, we wait. But not for long. The next hearing in the case is set for July 11, 2024.