Taleen Marie slams Saba Yussouf.
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Taleen Marie Slams ‘Judgmental’ Saba Yussouf After Drinking Problem Diss

Real Housewives of Dubai newbies Taleen Marie and Saba Yussouf are working hard to secure their spots on the show. The two are already battling it out over social media with Saba coming at Taleen with a drinking problem diss. First, we had Caroline Stanbury shade Taleen for having too much fun at a concert and showing her lady parts, and now Saba is joining in on the jabs. But Taleen is not staying quiet and has some shade of her own for Saba. 

Taleen thinks Saba is “boring AF”

Saba Yussouf on RHODubai Season 2.
Photo Credit: Yasmin Hussain/Bravo

Taleen has made her impact known since joining RHODubai. She immediately fit in with the group and had a sense of humor when Caroline joked about her husband Sergio Carrallo seeing her accidentally flash concertgoers. Recently Lesa Milan had beef with her as well when Taleen pulled Caroline aside from the group to talk to her in private. Why is everyone coming at Taleen?

In Saba’s case, it’s probably because Taleen struck first. Page Six reported that Taleen was doing an Instagram Live when she dropped some shade at Saba. Taleen said, “I was on my Live [on] Instagram and I said that she was boring — and she is — and she didn’t like that. So we had a little back and forth.” 

And it wasn’t just that she said she was boring, but that Saba was “boring AF.” Oop. Now Saba could have taken the high road. But that would be boring wouldn’t it? Saba alleged Taleen was, “blind drunk by 9 am.” Then the back and forth between the two began.

Taleen said, “And then she goes, ‘I’m also happy I’ve never been to AA’ — which I haven’t. And then I go, ‘Saba in AA stands up and says, ‘Hi, my name is Saba and [I] add nothing to this show.’” Ouch! Taleen then came with a compliment and another jab. She said, “She’s a sweetheart. But [she’s] just boring.” Does anyone have any popcorn?

Perhaps the newbies can be friends one day, but it might be challenging. Taleen shared, “I think we have very different personalities. When I first met her, I felt like she was just a little judgmental of the group. She kind of had her nose in the air. I have no hate for the girl but we are just extremely different.” 

Surprisingly, the two are jovial about the situation. Taleen said, “We laughed about it. She WhatsApped me and, like, literally had laughing faces [in her message]. So it’s not that deep. She gets it; it’s not that deep.” Maybe there is hope for them yet!

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