Love Island USA: Ariana Madix’s Best Looks So Far

Ariana Madix's best looks on Love Island USA.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

Season 6 of Love Island USA is giving viewers a lot to talk about. And so is the host, Ariana Madix. And not just because it airs daily (except for Wednesdays). Thanks to the very chaotic cast members, and an onslaught of shocking twists and turns, this may be the best season so far. Even Love Island UK loyalists are jumping ship.

And while the drama is definitely delivering, it’s not the only reason the Peacock series is such a hot topic. This is the first season headlined by Vanderpump Rules star, and Love Island superfan, Ariana. Since she served up her first slow-mo entrance into the villa, Ariana left viewers, and the islanders, gobsmacked. Simply put, Ariana looks better than ever.

For her dream hosting gig, Ariana is collaborating with Emily Men, her longtime stylist. Right now, they’re on the same kind of hot streak as world-famous celeb/stylist team Zendaya and Law Roach. While there’s yet to be a miss, here are the looks so far that are as hot as the villa’s signature fire pit.

Ariana is a Golden goddess

Ariana Madix in her infamous gold dress on Love Island USA.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

On the Love Island USA Season 6 premiere, Ariana knocked her hosting debut out of the park. And she looked damn good doing so! This gold gown fits her so perfectly as if it was literally poured on her body. Whether intentional or not, she looked like the goddess of love Aphrodite. Ariana and her stylist set a very high bar for themselves. And, even more impressively, they’ve managed to clear that bar with every subsequent appearance.

Ariana in her flirty and thriving era

Ariana Madix models a multi-colored metallic minidress on Love Island USA.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

For her second appearance on the Season 6 premiere, Ariana shook things up. This dress reminds me of Jennifer Garner’s iconic party look in 13 Going on 30. As a fellow millennial, I’m sure Ariana would agree, this is the ultimate compliment.

A bombshell babe in lingerie

Ariana Madix killing it in a black lingerie ensemble on Love Island USA.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

Ariana looked so hot in this lingerie ensemble, the contestants thought she was the new bombshell. Can anyone really blame them? It was, after all, a lingerie party, and Ariana’s little black number showed off her out-of-this-world body. Decked out in some serious ice, dramatic sleeves, and sultry red nails, she also managed to give off Old Hollywood glam. Of course, this outfit would be too racy for the censors of that time. While Ariana’s jaw dropped at the actual bombshell’s racy antics, our jaws were still on the floor from her entrance.

For reasons I will never understand, the video of her super sexy slow-mo entrance received a comment from a body-shaming troll. Naturally, Ariana fired back with a perfect response. Shutting down criticisms of her legs, she wrote, “I work on my sexy ass legs almost every day. I’d snap your neck with my thighs but I’ll never let you close enough to touch me.” Burn!

Hi Barbie!

Ariana Madix stuns in a pink dress with flowing blonde hair extensions.
Photo Credit: Peacock

Ariana appears on every episode of Love Island USA’s weekly chat show, Aftersun, hosted by Maura Higgins. Unsurprisingly, she looks amazing every time. But so far, my favorite of her Aftersun looks is this pink metallic minidress from week 2. With her perfect beachy blonde waves, Ariana looked like a Barbie doll come to life. If last summer’s blockbuster movie gets a sequel, they should totally give her a call.

Pretty in Pink Part II

Ariana Madix in a dramatic floor-length pink gown with a long ponytail.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

Ariana continued the Barbiecore trend the following night. In addition to her outfits, Ariana’s also kept switching up her hairstyles with every appearance. This sleek pony with the fun wavy detail is one of the best so far. And she managed to pull off neon pink makeup, which perfectly matched her dress. A friend of mine described this dress as a sexy but formal figure skating costume, and I can’t think of a better way to put it. The bejeweled details, especially the palm tree design on the side, are just incredible.

Ariana also earned 10s for her role as host in this episode. After contestants voted to eliminate two of their co-stars, the villa descended into chaos. Perhaps pulling from her years of being the voice of reason on Vanderpump Rules, Ariana managed to get the situation under control. And she called the bluff on the men’s histrionics- again, very reminiscent of her time on Vanderpump Rules. It can’t be emphasized enough, Ariana is the perfect host.

At this point, viewers anticipate Ariana’s outfits as much as they do the results of recouplings and public votes. It’s only halfway through the season, and we already have so many looks to salivate over. Surely, we’ll have to make a whole other list in the upcoming weeks.

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