Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 6 Recap: Free-Falling

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 6 recap.
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Welcome to the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 6 recap! In this week’s episode, called “Running Aft-er Time,” Elena continues bullying Bri. But Aesha doesn’t have time to deal with them and says, “Just get over it and do your job.” When Joe tells Gael he might be interested in Elena after all, she advises him to pick a girl and stick with her, or he’ll just cause trouble. The Bosun is already on thin ice with Captain Sandy, but when he makes a couple of major mistakes that could endanger the boat, this might be the end of the line for Ian. Here are some of the highlights from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 6.

The war continues

Interior stew, Elena on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9.
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In the crew mess, Elena sees Joe and asks, “What’s going on with this Bri sleepover situation?” Bri’s been camping out in the boys’ cabin since she can’t stand to be in the same room with Elena.

“She’s just creating drama for no reason,” Ellie says. “She’s just going out of her way to be like, ‘Oh, I’m a victim.’ Nobody has done anything to you. Shut the f*ck up, [and] get to work … It has nothing to do with me.”

Next, Ellie complains to Aesha, “I’m sorry. This Bri situation is going to have to stop. She’s sleeping on the floor in the boys’ cabin.”

“Again?” Aesha asks. “Oh, my gosh!”

“She’s telling me I’m belittling her,” Elena continues.

“Are you?” Aesha asks.

“I am not,” Ellie insists. “I am not that person, and I will not stand for that. That’s where I draw the f*cking line.”

“I know it’s hard, but you both need to just get over it,” Aesha counsels. “We can sort it after the charter.”

“Bri and Ellie just have this annoying rivalry that is circling around Joe,” Aesha interviews. “When people are emotionally distracted, it’s not like you can discipline them out of their emotions. Put on your game face, and let’s focus on the guests who are paying a lot of money to be here.”

But Ellie can’t let it go. As she prepares to go with the guests on a cave excursion, she starts in again.

“By the way,” she tells Aesha, “Bri also mentioned that she’s been fired from a boat before for causing too much drama.” Who’s causing the drama now, Elena?

“Really?” Aesha says, pretending to care. “I’m sorry, but we’re on charter … We have to focus on the guests.”

Iain annoys the Captain

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Bosun Iain.
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Meanwhile, Iain has his own problems. He told his crew to blow up the floating dock upstairs so it would be “out of the way.” But this doesn’t fly with Captain Sandy who thinks it’s messy to store things in the guest area. She’s right.

She tells Iain to move it down to the swim deck, where it belongs. Joe’s happy cause that’s what he tried to tell Iain in the first place. He feels vindicated.

Finally, when the deck crew is situated and ready to go on the excursion, Iain tells Aesha they’re ready for the guests.

“Well, go and get them!” she tells him. It’s like he’s never been a bosun before.

When Sandy tells him, “We need to get quicker at this,” his argument is, “I just had a different plan in my head …”

“Well, your plan wasn’t working,” Sandy says. “[The swim deck] always goes in [the water] first. That’s just how it works.”

That’s just yachting on Below Deck Mediterranean

Bri doing laundry on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9.
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While Ellie’s off the boat with the guests, Aesha meets with Bri in the upstairs pantry. Aesha doesn’t want to get into the details of their fight while they’re on charter. But she says Ellie mentioned that Bri slept in the boys’ cabin again last night.

“Why are you doing that?” the Chief Stew wants to know.

Bri explains that she just needed some space from Ellie, and it was fun to sleep in the boys’ cabin.

“Are you doing it to prove a point to Ellie?” Aesha asks.

“No, I’ve tried saying something to her, but she doesn’t want to hear it.”

Aesha tells Bri she needs to sleep in her own cabin, partly to pacify Ellie but also because they’re on charter and they all need their rest. When Bri complains about having to share a cabin with someone who’s so different than her, Aesha responds, “But that’s yachting. If you guys can’t sort your sh*t out, I’m gonna have to make some changes … I can’t have you guys fighting all season.”

So the next time Ellie comes in giving Bri orders about getting ready for dinner, Bri decides the best way to get along is to just say, “Aye aye, Second Stew … Whatever Ellie wants, I will do.”

Sounds like a plan.

Ellie makes excuses

Ellie in a promo shot for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9.
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When Aesha returns from break, she’s surprised that Ellie hasn’t yet decorated the dinner table, like she told her to. She asks Bri what they’re up to, and Bri says they’re “pulling plates” for dinner.

“Why wasn’t that done ages ago?” Aesha asks. She asked Ellie to pull everything for dinner nearly three hours ago. What’s Ellie been doing?

“It’s difficult with Ellie,” Aesha interviews. “I don’t know if she’s distracted, or if she’s just not as capable as she lets on. I’ve just always got to keep an eye on Bri and Ellie, and it’s exhausting … How about doing your job? Just work!”

When Aesha locates Ellie and asks why the plates aren’t yet pulled for dinner, Ellie says, “Because I was serving the guests the whole time.”

“You couldn’t do it in between serving them?” her boss asks.

“And then I was cleaning up the bar,” Ellie says, “and it just didn’t happen yet.” She sounds like she’s making excuses.

“We need to be completely done in an hour,” Aesha concludes, walking off to pull plates for the chef.

After she leaves, Ellie mutters, “Well, I’ll be finished in an hour. I just didn’t have the time.”

“Time has definitely gotten away from me,” Ellie says in a confessional. “But at the same time, Bri is just literally getting away with murder.” Literally, Ellie?! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Who did Bri “literally” murder, Ellie?

While Bri’s “getting away with murder,” Ellie goes on, “I’m out here getting put on a cross for, like, the smallest mistake. It’s bullsh*t.” Are we starting to detect a bit of a bad attitude with Ellie? I just hope Aesha starts to see it, too.

Joe considers switching girls

Below Deck Mediterranean's infamous Joe Bradley.
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In the meantime, Joe repeats his earlier conversation in the tender with Ellie for Gael. He says he wanted to get her side of the story. He asked her, “Why’s [Bri] got to sleep in my cabin? What’s going on?”

Elle told him that Bri broke girl code by making out with him, and now Bri’s “playing the victim.” Um, isn’t Ellie also playing the victim here? I mean, with the cross and all.

“But that’s between them two,” Joe finishes. Um, no it’s not. The whole crew seems to be involved at this point. He also thinks they’re being “unprofessional” and “very immature.”

Gael reminds him there’s always “two sides to a story,” and they really don’t know the whole story. But Joe thinks he does. Mostly because he wants to get into her pants.

“And it’s all over you, man!” Gael teases.

Then he asks for her advice. “If there’s any potential with Elle, do I crack on with that?”

“Whoever you’re gonna bang,” Gael advises, “it’s either gonna be the person you continue to bang, or it’s gonna cause a lot of [trouble].” He can’t go back and forth between the two girls, or it will be an all-out war.

The anchor goes rogue on Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy on Below Deck Med talking into a walkie talkie
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When Captain Sandy’s ready to haul up the anchor, Joe realizes the starboard windlass isn’t working. He radioed Sandy, “Captain, I have no power on the windlass.” The “windlass” is like a big spool that winds up the anchor chain. One of the engineers suggests they use the port windlass with a line to haul the anchor up.

“Worst case scenario,” Sandy says, “if I can’t get the anchor off the bottom, I have to leave the anchor.”

One of the other engineers discovers that the windlass batteries were left on overnight, “so it’s probably run flat.” Sandy’s not happy about this. “Seriously? F*ck!” she exclaims.

The batteries are also dead in the tender. Sounds like somebody f*cked up shutting things down last night. “Who left the battery on?” Sandy wants to know. “Who was the last one to dock the tender?”

Neither Joe nor Nathan can remember, so Sandy tells Joe to go wake up Iain. When Iain checks in with the captain, she asks him, “Who was the last one in the tender?”

“Probably me,” he confesses.

“You’ve got to turn off the battery,” she says. No excuses. She just needs him to “go sort that out.”

But when they try to haul up the anchor using the other windlass, the skinny-ass little rope they tied to the chain snaps like a rubber band, sending the anchor into free fall.

“Put the brake on!” Sandy screams. “Stop the anchor! Stop the anchor!”

But the chain continues to unwind, faster and faster. There’s no stopping it.


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