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Erika Jayne

Do you sweat the small stuff? What about a 15 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit? That might make you and I relocate to Siberia, but not Erika Jayne. Thomas Girardi, the husband of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, is currently on the hook for unpaid loans.

In January, Tom caught a case filed by the lender, Law Finance Group. The dispute alleged Tom used a $15 million dollar loan to fund his lavish lifestyle instead of supporting his law firm, Girardi Keese. What does this mean for our very XXPEN$IVE star? According to Erika, it’s business as usual.

Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills served us drama in the Season 9 premiere last week. It looks like the season centers around a nasty squabble between former (?) friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. Obviously, this is not the first time the two have shared a mutual disagreement. Still, the argument peaked when Lisa’s husband Ken Todd accused Kyle of being a “f-ing liar.” Then, he dismissed her from Villa Rosa.

We have never seen Lisa and Kyle go at it quite like this before. Could it be the end? Kyle discussed her side of the story and how surprised she was at Ken’s vitriolic reaction.


Real Housewives of Atlanta vet, Kandi Burruss has been ensconced in the Celebrity Big Brother House since January 21. Her husband Todd Tucker has been vigilant on social media requesting fans to vote for Kandi as America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner of this illustrious honor receives $25,000, so Todd is “invested” (see what I did there) in Kandi bringing home the prize.

It is safe to say Todd feels Kandi’s celebrity friends have not shown enough support for the working mom. He recently shared encouraging words for Kandi, and thinly veiled threats for others, to keep the $25,000 hope alive.

Andy Cohen

New dad and Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen made the trek back to New York with baby Benjamin Allen. Andy had been staying in Los Angeles prior to Ben’s February 4 birth to be readily available when his surrogate went into labor.

After a few days of California sunshine, it was time for the guys to return to NYC. Andy packed up his Daddy gear, his baby, and hopped on a private plane (PJ!) for the journey home. Because everyone has an opinion, he is receiving backlash on his method of transportation.

Margaret Josephs Still Working To Give Brave Kids Brave Gowns

When you hear the word “gown”, one might be compelled to shout “JOVANI!” in a room full of people. However, while Brave Gowns definitely deserves a shout out, you will not find them at New York Fashion Week. Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Margaret Josephs is on a mission to make the lives of sick children a tad more bearable. After staying on a pediatric oncology floor for a medical procedure, Margaret was moved to create hero-inspired hospital gowns for kids.

During the last episode, we saw the result of her hard work with an epic fundraiser. The food was amazing, people got along (for once), but most importantly we heard from children who would wear Brave Gowns. I have to say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the venue or on my couch. What is the status of this project? Recently. Margaret shared some updates with her fans.


Now that Andy Cohen has someone else to call him Daddy, is he already making plans for more kids? When Benjamin Allen Cohen was born on February 4, Andy’s life went from after-hours cocktails to after-hours formula. Furbaby Wacha now has to compete for Daddy’s attention!

The new father has been receiving lots of support from his family of Housewives, who are all shining examples of motherhood waiting to share their knowledge on the dos and don’ts of child-rearing. As most parents know – minutes after your child arrives, people begin asking when you’re having more. So is there a brother or sister in Ben’s future? According to the host of Watch What Happens Live, it depends.

Gina defends her divorce. Again

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Real Housewives of Orange County member Gina Kirschenheiter is finding this out. Gina was arrested for driving under the influence. This is actually Gina’s second driving-related violation this year. On January 3, she got a ticket for ignoring a stop sign.

As viewers are aware, in April 2018 Gina filed for divorce from her husband, Matt Kirschenheiter. The couple was married for almost eight years and they share two boys. Will her driving incidents factor into custody negotiations?


Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or serving a 41-month prison sentence…  Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe Giudice, is finally seeing the end of his time in prison. But what will his release mean for Teresa and their four beautiful daughters? What will Nonno think? I have questions!! And I’m not the only one. Teresa and other Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members discussed their expectations for his release.

Let’s face it, some things will be different when Juicy Joe is a free man. He has been on the inside for a good three years. Times have changed. Not only that, but so has Teresa. Will Joe be able to orient himself to a new way of life? When he went in, Teresa was a proud “old school” Italian wife. She deferred to Joe for advice on both personal and financial matters. Now, she might want to skip the latter from this point forward. Since Joe’s incarceration, Teresa has taken it upon herself to show her newly found independence and has declared herself a “different person”.