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Joe Exotic Tiger King

Yeehaw! After his claims 3-months ago that he would be dead in 3-monthsTiger King’s Joe Exotic is still with us on this earth. Not only that, but he’s launching an underwear line? Meanwhile, his nemesis Jeff Lowe says he’s got his own show in the works. Oh, and Carole Baskin has seized Joe’s zoo. Can’t win ’em all.

As I’m sure everyone knows, Joe is in prison. I’m also sure you’ve all read he’s been working to request a pardon from Donald Trump. Well, the request is here and right on time. That is if it was supposed to arrive in the midst of an election campaign, global pandemic, hurricane season, cross country protests, and half the nation on fire.

Joe Exotic Tiger King

Did Tiger King drop on Netflix a lifetime ago? Maybe it’s just that time is no longer a thing in 2020. Still, I will be forever grateful to the makers of Tiger King for delivering twisted entertainment guaranteed to make anyone forget about reality for a while. I know I’m not the only one. Even Hollywood is extending this crazy train with a movie version starring Nicolas Cage.

It also looks like the stars of the real Tiger King will be making more headlines too. For instance,  I did not feed my husband to the tigers for money Carol Baskin was just cast on Dancing with the Stars. Then there’s creep-show Jeff Lowe’s reality show. As for the Tiger King himself? Well Joe Exotic is hoping for a pardon from our President, but that’s only if he doesn’t die in the next to 2-3 months.

Trademark Lawsuit Filed Against Netflix Over Tiger King

Tiger King pretty much summarizes 202o, ammirite? It’s chaotic, confusing and the hits just keep on coming. It helps that they key players in the documentary seem to be enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame. Although now it’s feeling more like 20 minutes.

While Joe Exotic, the Tiger King himself, is stuck in jail, everyone else seems to be busy as ever. Jeff Lowe and his wife are set to have their own reality show. Carole Baskin seized control of Joe’s zoo. She also seized our ears, thanks to a recent Cameo to a fan. In the video clip, she and husband, Howard Baskin, sing 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” Fofty Fifty Cent may have enjoyed it but I think the rest of the world could have done without. It’s clear to see that Tiger King is a phenomenon of sorts. So it’s not surprising that everyone is trying to cash in and claim ownership.

Jeff Lowe Lauren Lowe Tiger King

It was only 11.5 weeks ago, after our nation was met with a global pandemic, that we all came together and bonded over Tiger King. This absolute shit show of a series taught me about love, loss, polygamy, meat trucks, and that just about anyone can run for an office. Speaking of, in case you missed it, Joe Exotic is still waiting on that pardon from reality-star-turned-president, Donald Trump. And we’re all still waiting on his record deal!

I’m sure all you cool cats and kittens haven’t forgotten Joe’s nemesis Carole Baskin. The woman who is accused of feeding her murdered husband to tigers. Carole is remarkable to the point that even Cardi B has taken shots at her. Since then, it’s been revealed that Carole is actually in control of Joe’s zoo. Of course, Joe is in prison and this zoo was being run by Jeff Lowe. Are you keeping up? Well, it sounds like Jeff isn’t about to let this eviction destroy his chance at the spotlight. Or whatever this mess is considered.

Carole Baskin Tiger King

Remember when Tiger King was the wildest thing we were seeing on TV? Yeah, simpler times. But this cast of characters isn’t done yet. While Joe Exotic himself if wasting away in a jail cell, begging for a Presidential pardon, Carole Baskin has been in the news herself.

Despite recently being awarded control of Joe’s beloved zoo, Carole has long been dodging stories about her late husband, Don Lewis. She refused to take a polygraph about his disappearance, casting more doubts. Don’s lawyer even said he wants to talk to the cops about her involvement. Even OJ Simpson says Carole killed her husband. I think it’s fair to say if OJ thinks you’re guilty, you have a problem on your hands.

Joe Exotic Tiger King

Is it just me or do the stories stemming from Netflix’s hit Tiger King keep getting weirder and weirder? Usually when this kind of show is done, it’s done. See Netflix’s other hit, Too Hot To Handle. As in, there isn’t much to say about it once it’s over with. This is definitely not the case with Joe Exotic and his band of merry crazies.

First there was the news that Nicholas Cage of all people would be playing Joe Exotic in a series. Although as strange as it is, I can’t think of anyone better fit to play someone as odd as Joe Exotic. Then we found out that Joe is seeking a pardon from President Donald Trump. Let’s face it, this is probably pretty low on the list of priorities right now. But he’s asking! Finally, in one of the most interesting turn of events, Carole Baskin was awarded Joe’s beloved zoo. Was that the final straw for Joe Exotic?


Carole Baskin Tiger King

Remember when Tiger King: Joe Exotic brought some light into this dark time? It feels like centuries ago. The world we were exposed to in this Netflix docuseries was all kinds of messy. At the center is Joe Exotic , aka Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a Tiger breeder/fake country singer who loved Liberace’s wardrobe as much as he hated Carole Baskin. Baskin is the founder of Big Cat Rescue near Tampa, Florida (these stories are meant for Florida, no?), and may or may not have fed her first husband to the tigers. Regardless, Carol and Joe were nemeses for years. So much so that Joe hired the world’s most untrustworthy hitman to kill Carol for a paltry $3,000. (Remember Episode 7 when the hit man in the bathtub said *uck it, took the money and went to a strip club?!).

Anyway, other insane characters are involved in this wild story of twists and turns. In Episode 2 we met Bhagavan “Doc” Antle and his creepy harem of brainwashed women. Then we met disgusting Jeff Lowe, who very likely incentivized Joe to hire a hit man to kill Carole. All of which was perhaps an elaborate scheme so Jeff could gain control of Joe’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. In sum, Joe Exotic was found guilty of this murder-for-hire plot, charged for violating the Endangered Species Act, and for falsifying wildlife records. He will be sitting in prison for the next 22 years, unless our President grants him that pardon. Today, news has been shared that offers yet another twist in this already twisted tale.

Joe Exotic Tiger King

There are a lot of things you can say about Tiger King star Joe Exotic. As the clear breakout star of the seven-part docu-series, Joe showed us all kinds of crazy. From his 2016 presidential run, to his cringe-y yet amazing music videos, Joe is a personality that is larger than life. He wanted fame above all else. And honestly, I wanted it for him. Sure, Joe has his faults, but there’s something so endearing about him. Or maybe I’ve just truly lost my mind during quarantine. We can’t be sure.

Even though Joe is now an international sensation, he tragically cannot enjoy this fame. Joe is currently serving a 22-year sentence on murder for hire charges against the now infamous Carole Baskin. Like many, I felt like Joe was set up in a way. Even Cardi B expressed her feelings on Joe’s prison sentence. “He will be free,” she promised. But Joe isn’t waiting around for to Cardi’s GoFundMe campaign to get him out of jail. Instead, Joe is going straight to the source himself: President Donald Trump