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The current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has, somehow, has made the longtime feud between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore even worse. And Marlo Hampton is dead in the middle, and that’s a very tough place to be. Part Two of the RHOA reunion was filled with even more back and forth between Marlo and Porsha, with P’s lapdog partner-in-crime Shamea Morton right by her side. Shamea has her own issues with MVP Marlo, so it’s obvious she was at the reunion to help Porsha pile on the attacks.

It’s safe to say that Marlo and P’s friendship is over for good. After the lipo accusations, name-calling and low-blows, it just seems like these two need a break from one another. And even though Marlo is keeping Twirl at arm’s length, she was a little guilty of helping her egg on Kenya’s major investigation of who slept with Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.

Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta had an… interesting season. It’s difficult to sum up, but if you enjoy exotic dancers wearing fake Chanel crime tape, then I guess you had a great time. New cast member Drew Sidora came on the scene and it might be fair to say she watched every single episode available of RHOA prior to her debut. But don’t forget Drew is a master thespian and can assume any personality she wants to portray, thanks to her amazing acting skills.

Drew and husband Ralph Pittman had quite a storyline. Ralph likes to play music and take long drives. Like really long drives – all the way to Florida long. And it was one of Ralph’s road trips that got him in hot water. Thank goodness he had solid evidence in the form of financial receipts to confirm his innocence. In the event you are one of the fans maintaining a healthy side-eye at ‘ol Ralph, then save a seat for Marlo Hampton because she is on your team.

Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Marlo Hampton might not have a peach, but she’s working hard for the money this season. This has felt like the biggest season for Marlo as of yet. She has her nose into EVERYTHING, and it’s a crime she isn’t a full time wife. She’s given viewers countless messy moments this season, so this would’ve been the time to reward her. However, even sans peach Marlo is leaving everyone talking with some of her recent comments.

At the reunion she went out of her way to imply that things were off between Porsha Williams & Kandi Burruss. Seeing the two of them act like best buddies again certainly rubbed Marlo the wrong way. Given the dark and painful history between Kandi & Porsha, it is a little head scratching. Maybe there’s something to Marlo’s feelings about the odd timing of the closeness. Thankfully, she’s giving us even more insight into her thoughts about this.

Kameron Westcott Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

The Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion is FINALLY HERE. Strap in because this one is going to be a wild one. There’s so much to unpack this season. It seemed like every episode contained another themed party or trip that stirred up drama. From the video of Brandi Redmond mocking Asians to Kary Brittingham’s new bully status. A lot has gone down this season, and Andy Cohen’s going to MENTION IT ALL.

Tiffany Moon has the seat next to Andy which means she’s going to be a major player. She was involved in quite a bit of drama for her first season. Her personal story line was also one of the more gripping ones as well. Tiffany brought everything that a Housewife needs to be successful on this show. Hopefully she tasks everyone to task for their backwards thinking and inappropriate actions. Someone needs to!

Jennifer Aydin Bill Aydin

Jennifer Aydin is really peeling back the layers on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey We’ve gotten to see her as a daughter, a loyal friend, and  a drunk. It has been a far cry from Jennifer’s first season where she spent every episode boasting about her husband’s financial success and bathroom -filled home.

Since her fall out with Jackie Goldschneider over the Evan Goldschneider cheating rumorsJennifer hasn’t made any more attempts to host play dates combining their fleets of children. Instead, she’s opted for the route of hosting mother-daughter tea parties. The gathering of the mothers and the Housewives took place over the most recent two episodes of the show. During the event, Jackie didn’t miss the opportunity to fire a shot at the mega-home of Jennifer and Bill Aydin. She joked, “Welcome to the Taj Mahal. If the Taj Mahal had a huge mortgage — and no furniture.” Oof.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s been a hot minute since the Real Housewives of Potomac have graced our screens. Season 5 was more than iconic. Let’s not forget the infamous brawl between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. The collision split the remaining cast into two sides. At the time, the then-newest Housewife, Dr. Wendy Osefo, seemingly teamed up with Candiace and the green-eyed bandits.

One of the bandits, Gizelle Bryant, may be regretting her choice in alliance. Since filming wrapped, she has been catching heat from the unofficial #TeamMonique who are spilling tea left and right. To make matters worse, even Andy Cohen has come for Gizelle recently. Never a good sign. Not to mention the newest addition to the RHOP cast, Mia Thornton, has been rumored to have had an affair with another cast member’s husband. Is that more shade directed towards Gizelle and her cease-and-desist happy cheating ex-husband turned rekindled boyfriend? Yikes.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap:

Say what you want about the season, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is DELIVERING. These ladies are firing on all cylinders and are out for blood in the dungeon. The moment LaToya Ali stepped onto the stage at the end of last week’s episode, it was game on. She and Drew Sidora are about to go ten rounds in the battle of the newbies. They both practically carried the second half of the season. Fans owe them a deep debt of gratitude.

With Marlo Hampton finally appearing during this part of the reunion, the fireworks are sure to continue. There’s a lot to unpack with the fallout of she and Porsha Williams ending their friendship. What was the actual cause of it? Would Porsha really scrap the friendship because Marlo reunited with Kenya Moore? That has to be the most petty thing of all time. Anyone should be able to be friends with whomever they wish. STOP with the fakery.

Summer House Reunion Part 1 Recap: So Triggered, So Shook

The summer may be over, but it’s time to get the Good Vibe Tribe back together for the Summer House Season 5 reunion! And it’s extra exciting because after five seasons, it’s the first proper reunion the gang has ever gotten from Bravo. During Season 2, they were all crammed onto chairs in the WWHL Clubhouse. (Remember how newbie Amit Neuman said all of five words during the whole day? Good times. Honestly the best thing that came out of that reunion was Kyle Cooke‘s legendary 17-page email.) And Season 4’s sit-down, in the early days of the pandemic, was virtual. Personally, I’ll never forgive the Bravo gods for not gifting us a reunion following Season 3. Mostly because we never got the pleasure of seeing Jordan Verroi in the hot seat.

So yes, after five seasons, the housemates have finally graduated to a well-deserved reunion set. And I could not be more here for it. The cascading flowers. The Hamptons-chic vibe. It’s all perfect. But before we dive into the drama, can we talk about this seating chart for a second? Because I’m confused. If the cast can sit together in twos and threes, doesn’t that…violate…the social distancing guidelines set forth by Bravo? At every other reunion in a post-COVID world, cast members have been required to stay six feet apart. In separate seats. With no touching. But I guess that rule doesn’t apply to the Summer House crew?