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Well, Well … what have we here [insert a JD Madison cackle here]. It turns out that Gentry Bar & Grill, the restaurant owned by the Southern Charm extra and BFF of Thomas Ravenel, and often featured on the show, has closed! Even worse: JD has been evicted from the premises and served a lawsuit for unpaid rent. If there were ever time for a bourbon…

JD, legally John David, owes $163,000 in unpaid rent to the King Street building’s owner. Initially initially made an agreement with the landlord to hand over $144,844 – the full past due balance – by Aug 25, but failed to deliver, which resulted in the lawsuit.



Has hell indeed frozen over? Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have been locked in a vicious custody battle for more than a year now and it looks like things might FINALLY be coming to a peaceful resolution!

A glimmer of hope has emerged today as Kathryn and Thomas met up for a peaceful lunch together!


I don’t know about you, but I felt very uncomfortable watching Craig Conover during that bourbon tasting on Southern Charm. In all honesty, it came off like Craig really had no idea what he was doing or what his role was in the bourbon company. I was just getting vicariously embarrassed as the event dragged on.

Well, Craig is saying that the footage shown on that episode was very misleading and that he actually is a lot more involved with the business than it appears. If you follow Craig on Twitter, or even if you tweeted at him, you would see that Craig is actively trying to defend himself.