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Erika Jayne Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Even though she has zero actual involvement in Denise Richards‘ drama with Brandi Glanville, Erika Jayne was very offended by Denise 1. talking shit about the other cast members (which they all do) and 2. Denise refusing to admit to a hookup with Brandi.

This whole “Denise doesn’t show her whole life” thing was beaten to a pulp. And news flash: no one shows her whole life! Ever, not even on a reality show. It’s impossible to show every single thing. And it’s just rich that the most notoriously private Real Housewives cast members have the gall to call out anyone for not being open. What storyline did Erika have this season? Other than hopping on the Denise-bashing bandwagon? Oh, right: self promotion.

It’s very clear to me that Denise has lied on many occasions. However, that’s not my issue. The issue that many viewers have watching this show is that the punishment doled out to Denise doesn’t fit the “crime.” Somehow, no one on this show condemned each other for outing Denise, which is a shame.

Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was all about Denise Richards. Sure, they discussed some other moments from the season, but, for the most part, it all revolved around Denise.

In addition to questioning Denise’s change in demeanor from last season and the inconsistency of her stories, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans also pointed out that her eyes were red during the episode. In response to many questions, Denise addressed the speculation.

Dorinda Medley

Even though Dorinda Medley has been getting on my nerves this season every week when I watch Real Housewives of New York, it was still shocking to hear that she is gone from the show, especially since the current season didn’t even wrap yet. It seems premature to announce a casting change, but here we are.

We all saw how much more fun the ladies had when Dorinda wasn’t around. It was getting so frustrating to watch Dorinda mock the women and refuse to listen to what they were telling her. It just wasn’t entertaining, so it’s not surprising that she’s gone from the show, and, as per usual, I’m not buying that she “walked away” to “start a new chapter.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives of New York cast members gathered in Long Island, New York today to film the season 12 reunion IN PERSON! As we all know, this is a big deal (to reality TV fans) during the coronavirus pandemic among all of the virtual reunions.

They are probably still arguing at this point, but we did know some things about the reunion before even before the filming finished up. Elyse Slaine said she was not asked to be a part of the taping. Leah McSweeney is ready to face off against Ramona Singer. Tinsley Mortimer flew in from Chicago (and subsequently quarantined) in order to safely tape the reunion. Oh, and Ramona has an issue with Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan’s manners, which is just rich coming from Ramona of all people.

Tinsley Mortimer

The news recently broke that the Real Housewives of New York cast will gather with Andy Cohen to film the Season 12 reunion in person in Long Island. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast just filmed their reunion, but it was via zoom, which makes sense since Andy is based in New York.

Elyse Slaine confirmed that she will not be a part of the taping, but fans have been wondering if Tinsley Mortimer will be there in person. She left the season halfway through to move to Chicago, so it was assumed she would show up virtually. However, it has been reported that Tinsley is already back in the Big Apple, following quarantine guidelines before the reunion.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 12 Cast Tinsley Mortimer Dorinda Medley Luann de Lesseps Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer Leah McSweeney

Currently, we are in the midst of the Zoom era in reality television. TV shows are employing do-it-yourself confessional shoots (with terrible audio quality), video chat interviews, after shows that are filmed from home. It’s the new normal, but, apparently, the Real Housewives of New York cast is going to film the upcoming reunion in person.

Reunion host Andy Cohen does live in New York, so that’s not exactly surprising, but how is this going to work. Are they going to yell at each other through face masks? Will there be separate seating for each person (six feet apart)  instead of the usual reunion couches? What about the cast members who have been traveling and catching flack for their (perceived) lack of precaution? Are they going to quarantine before the taping and get fresh corona tests? There are so many relevant questions to ask in this new era.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast recently filmed the season 10 reunion. Lisa Rinna said it was “bullshit,” attributing blame to those cease and desist letters that Denise Richards sent to the cast and crew. Reunion host Andy Cohen disagreed with her sentiments, of course.

After filming, Denise and Garcelle Beauvais unfollowed Lisa. Denise also unfollowed Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Jayne. I don’t blame her for unfollowing Teddi though. I would have just done that based on the excessive workout posts alone. It’s assumed that the reunion was filmed just like the other recent Bravo reunions, with everyone filming separately from the safety of their homes.

However, Kyle Richards posted a photo post-filming with Erika, Teddi, Dorit Kemsley (wearing Louis Vuitton pajamas), and Lisa. Did they just get together after the fact? I would love to know about the logistics of this filming situation, but we will probably have to wait on that.

Brandi Glanville Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

We are now in the Brandi Glanville half of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season, which has been teased for way too many months. Brandi returned to RHOBH during last week’s episode.

At this point, it’s unclear how much we will hear about Brandi’s alleged hookup with Denise Richards, especially since Denise sent out cease and desist letters to the cast and crew. Brandi didn’t even make the cut for the reunion taping. So does that mean the topic will be skipped completely?