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Garcelle Beauvais Thinks “Some People” On RHOBH “Were Blindly Behind” Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, or her friends. Dorit Kemsley attacked Garcelle for taking “jabs” at her this season. She also accused Garcelle of not being “authentic.” It seemed more like Dorit was fishing for a storyline.

Last season, Garcelle’s friend Lisa Rinna rounded up the cast to gang up on her friend of 20 years, Denise Richards. RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville claimed that she and Denise had a sexual tryst. Denise denied that they hooked up. Garcelle remained on Team Denise, and she was pissed at Rinna

This season also marked the downfall of Erika Jayne. Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, allegedly embezzled $26 million that belonged to his legal clients. Tom was accused of transferring $20 million from his former law firm, Girardi Keese, to Erika’s company, EJ Global. Erika filed for divorce, which was reportedly a scam to hang on to their assets.

Now the trustee for the Girardi Keese bankruptcy is suing Erika for $25 million, claiming that she was aware that funds from the law firm were paying for her extravagant lifestyle. Bravo was supposedly subpoenaed asking that unaired footage from this season of RHOBH be turned over to attorneys involved in the case against Erika.

Meanwhile, Rinna’s lips remained closed when it came to Erika. Kyle Richards, Dorit, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Kathy Hilton talked about Erika behind her back, but said little to her face. Garcelle’s partner in crime, and Fireball drinking buddy Sutton Stracke, asked some hard questions. Sutton was confused about Erika’s account of Tom’s car accident. Sutton’s inquiries resulted in Erika threatening her.


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Sutton felt so unsafe that she asked for security. In fact, Sutton almost quit RHOBH after Erika’s scary outbursts. Sutton credited Garcelle with being the reason that she stayed. I’ll bet the security also helped.

It wasn’t lost on Garcelle that Denise was dragged about her personal life, and Erika got a pass for her possible involvement or knowledge of actual crimes. “Some of them knew Denise longer than Erika, so I don’t get it either,” Garcelle stated. “That’s really baffling to me is how come they believe Erika right out the gate and they never believed Denise?” Bingo!

Garcelle discussed the cast’s treatment of Erika in an interview with Page Six. “I felt like some people were blindly behind her,” Garcelle admitted. “They were questions that everybody would ask! That was my thing,” the actress stated. “I was like, ‘It isn’t that crazy.’ It wasn’t that crazy that we would ask.”

Earlier this season, Garcelle asked Erika if she had any knowledge of her husband’s misdeeds. Erika, who was obviously displeased, responded in a cold tone, “No, I did not.” Garcelle remarked, “I just went [into this season] knowing what I want to get out of it, and it was really to speak my mind.”


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And Garcelle said that viewers will learn a lot more answers from Erika during the epic four-part reunion. “[Andy Cohen] understood the assignment to a T!” Garcelle said. “He went in. There were tough questions and he didn’t back down. But you know what? Erika didn’t back down either,” the co-host of The Real added.

Garcelle shared that she “still feel[s] bad” for Erika. “It’s a horrible thing to go through,” she said. “It’s not over.”

Sutton and Garcelle not only deserve diamonds next season, but crowns, too. These Queens of Beverly Hills earned it!


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