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Nicki Minaj Makes Hosting Debut In Real Housewives Of Potomac Reunion Trailer

Unfortunately, Real Housewives of Potomac’s current season is nearing its end. And as always, the ladies delivered quite the show, because they come to play. Karen Huger may have broken the vow renewal curse, even though Michael Darby didn’t break his habit of wreaking havoc during finale episodes. The great salad toss of 2021 between Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard-Bassett is all it was cracked up to be. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s reasonably shady party provided one of the best Real Housewives episodes of all time. But while we’re gearing up to say goodbye, we have a four-part reunion to look forward to in the month of November. Do not fret, ladies and gents.

Bravo dropped the first trailer for the RHOP reunion (via E! News) that perfectly encapsulates everything from this drama-filled season. Nicki Minaj followed through on her promises and showed up to guest host the reunion, tequila bottle in hand. She asks Wendy Osefo about the “booty mamas” that Eddie Osefo follows on Instagram. According to the Grand Dame, Nicki (otherwise known as Ray Huger’s #1 Fan) also went in on Gizzy, CandeePants, and anyone else who got into the mess this season. *cue my best Askale Davis shocked face*


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Even before the Nicki of it all, the reunion covers plenty of drama circling the RHOP ladies. Gizelle is on the chopping block, yet again, when it comes to the disaster that is Jamal Bryant. Pastor Holy Whore is in trouble with the IRS for allegedly not paying his taxes. Even though she’s moved on from Jamal, Karen warns her forever frenemy to “lawyer up” in case she’s implicated in the accusations. Gizelle also has to respond to the cheating rumors from her ex who lives in the phone, but that’s nothing new.

Jamal isn’t the only husband under scrutiny. Chris Bassett goes after the women for questioning his work ethic and intentions. And Mia also accuses CandeePants’ man of trying to holler at her or something. As if. Chris knows that wouldn’t fly with Candiace. Candee gives us her signature folded-up tissue tear dab while crying that her family “is never going to be the same.” From what is yet to be determined. She also has words with Andy Cohen & co. for scrutinizing her various altercations with other ladies on the show.


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Also, class is in session with Professor Wendy as she teaches these girls a thing or two about bringing receipts. She not only brought some text screenshots to battle the green-eyed bandits, but blew up the photo and put it on a poster board. “Did you really spend money for that?” Robyn asked her. Yes, she did honey and she’d do it again. Don’t come for Zen Wen’s “happy” & “ness.”

Watch the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 reunion trailer below.


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