Stephanie Sersen


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, decision day was quickly approaching and the couples explored each other’s past to prepare for the future. Dr. Jessica Griffin gives each person an assignment to walk down memory lane and share a traumatic experience or introduce family and friends.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar discuss the resentment he had for his dad growing up. Kristine shares her ex-fiance was controlling and wanted her to be a housewife, despite her career aspirations. As she talked to Keith, she realized their relationship is similar to her having to do all of the housework. She questioned whether they share the housework and Keith’s response is “I didn’t expect so many dishes.” It is clear Kristine is starting to feel like the updated version of his grandmother. Her frustration is apparent during a tense conversation about their dynamic. She even tells him she isn’t going to be the breadwinner and the person who solely takes care of the home. I totally agree, I think anyone would start to get annoyed by his childlike behavior. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was a lazy couch potato.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the experts gave the couples an exercise in trust. This should definitely be interesting. Most of the couples are working to just like each other, let alone trust each other. Each couple engages in a phone swap. Apparently, Keith Dewar failed. Not only did he have several naked pictures of his ex, he willingly handed his phone over to his wife, Kristine Killingsworth. And let’s just say she is NOT happy! Will Keith delete the pictures? Or will he hold on to the past? Also, Luke Cuccurullo makes another move to solidify that he secretly hates Kate Sisk and will divorce her as soon as he gets the chance. Kate, this is your last warning, run girl, run!

AJ Vollmoeller sits down with Stephanie Sersen and explains why he talks excessively. He claims it is because he has to listen most of the time at work. In his mind, it’s only fair, he gets to inundate her with gibberish and demands of dinners together as a trade-off. Stephanie shares that most of her relationships in the past have been trainwrecks. So although she is hopeful, she is cautious. Sorry, Steph, but I think AJ is a trainwreck as well, but just for a different reason. He is nuts!


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples entertain and meet each other’s friends for the first time. This proves to be stressful for one couple in particular. Number one enemy of the fans, Luke Cuccurullo continues his mistreatment of Kate Sisk. The party quickly became a shy person’s worst nightmare. Kate looks more like a guest than a hostess in her own house. I thought after Pastor Calvin Roberson lit into spoke to Luke, things may have changed. Ugh… will this man ever grow up and stop making this woman feel totally insecure? Will Kate decide to win over her guests or fold under the pressure?

The couples wake up as husband and wife after their first night at their new homes. Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth reveal that they finally had sex. I found it shocking that Keith admitted it was quick. Hmm… you may want to keep that to yourself. They both feel like they could be falling in love with one another.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples return from their honeymoons back to reality. They will have to figure out their living arrangements with their stranger spouses. This is when things start getting REALLY good in the season. You may be able to hide your true personality for a while, but no one can hide their true quirks when they live with someone. Luke Cuccurullo is put on the hot seat, by Pastor Calvin Roberson for his harsh comments to his wife, Kate Sisk. Thank goodness someone is going to finally tell this little twerp, how mean it was to tell her that he felt “repulsed” and “dead inside” after their first kiss.

This year the experts are providing mutual living arrangements for each of the couples.  Must be nice, all the couple in past seasons had to find a home themselves within their budget. Before moving into their new house, they will get the opportunity to view each other’s current homes first.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples still had a few days left in their honeymoon. Everything has been great with three of the couples. Then, there’s the exception of Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk. She is confused by her husband. He appears to be kind and considerate, but they can’t seem to get over their lack of chemistry. On this episode, we will find out more about why Luke isn’t displaying any affection towards his wife

Keith Dewar surprises Kristine Killingsworth with a bike ride around the hotel. Poor Keith isn’t active at all and is tired after a half mile.  But I love that he wants to show his wife that he is making an effort. I think it’s great she makes him want to try different things.

Kate-during-awkward-conversation Married at First Sight

On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples went on their honeymoons. Here we go! This is when things start going downhill and getting REAL.  Everything is always polite during the wedding for the most part, but there is only so much you can hide on a vacation with someone.

The wedding night was the first time the couples were alone with one another. They don’t even know each other’s last names, but they slept in the same bed. Sigh! The rooms look more like a bed and breakfast than a nice hotel, but they did come stocked with condoms. All signs say at least two of the Married At First Sight couples use them before the end of the honeymoon.

Luke-knows-his -wife to-be Married at First Sight

On this week’s episode of Married at First Sight, we get to see the final two couples walk down the aisle. We found out last week that Luke Cuccurullo knows a friend of his new stranger wife, Kate Sisk. He also recognizes his wife to be and points it out to his friends. As she walks down the aisle, there is fear in his eyes. Could it be because he doesn’t like what he sees? Or does he know the friend more intimately than he should? Either way, I am hoping for the best for Kate. After her parents’ divorce, she has thrown caution to the wind for her own chance at love.

Interestingly enough, Luke immediately recognizes Kate as someone he has met before. Despite them meeting only three weeks ago, Kate doesn’t recognize him. I guess he wasn’t all that memorable. I can’t remember what I ate earlier today, but I can definitely remember faces. Nonetheless, they both seem to be attracted to one another as they read their contracts vows. Their words are beautiful, but I am really wondering how they can write them so easily for someone they don’t know. After the ceremony, they share a glass of champagne in a quiet area. It is more than obvious Luke is nervous and seems awkward. He reveals he has met Kate’s friend Megan, who is a guest at the wedding. Immediately, flags are raised in Kate’s mind. Then, she connects the dots. She met her now husband at a speed dating event with her friend, just a short time ago.


Last night’s season premiere of Married of First Sight begins with all of the participants being told that they are engaged! Surprise you are about to marry a complete stranger. Cue the nerves and instant bubble guts. I love this show, but I don’t think I could live with a stranger for eight weeks and call him my husband. The experts claim they use science and insight from previous seasons to make decisions on matches. Let’s hope this year, these singles fair better than some others in the past. But after viewing the trailer, this season looks like it’s going to be GOOD!!!!! There are definitely some strong personalities and explosions that happen as a result.

The couples have just found out they are engaged and now only have less than two week until their wedding day. Each person reveals the news to their family and let’s just say, most are shocked and worried to say the least. This is a short time to convince people close to you that you are not making a mistake. The participants each have to find their wedding attire, have their bachelor/bachelorette parties and convince their guests to show up to the shit show wedding. While shopping, everyone seems to be excited and in good spirits. It’s always fun until the reality of what they signed up for sets in, on the wedding day.