Married At First Sight Episode Recap-‘Till Mud Do Us Part

On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples still had a few days left in their honeymoon. Everything has been great with three of the couples. Then, there’s the exception of Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk. She is confused by her husband. He appears to be kind and considerate, but they can’t seem to get over their lack of chemistry. On this episode, we will find out more about why Luke isn’t displaying any affection towards his wife

Keith Dewar surprises Kristine Killingsworth with a bike ride around the hotel. Poor Keith isn’t active at all and is tired after a half mile.  But I love that he wants to show his wife that he is making an effort. I think it’s great she makes him want to try different things.

The husbands get together for a round of golf to talk about their relationships. Apparently, Keith thought the point was to spin around and toss his golf clubs at the other men. The guys discuss their wives taking their last names. Most of them agree that they will play it by ear, due to the unconventional nature of their marriage.


Jasmine McGriff is a thrill seeker and her husband, Will Guess is deathly afraid of heights. Jasmine tries to convince him to go zip lining with her. She is extremely disappointed that she wasn’t matched with someone as adventurous and outgoing as she is. He may be the complete opposite of her personality, but opposites balance each other out.

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Kate reveals that it came out the night before, that Luke isn’t attracted to her. In the last episode, she asks him at dinner, why they haven’t kissed. The experts feel like Luke may be sabotaging the relationship based on his initial attraction. They were matched based on their commonalities and values. When they show him talk about some of the other women he has dated, it’s clear that he prefers are more exotic look. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a preference. However, I do think it’s wrong to make a person feel less than because of it.


Kate and Luke sit down for a glass of wine to discuss his lack of attraction. He reminds her that attraction isn’t all physical. Ummm….Was that supposed to make her feel better? He might as well have said, Hey, Kate… I don’t like the way you look and some aspects of your personality. WTF! She takes the mature route and reminds him that she is still open and is attracted to him. This is way more than I think he deserves, at this point. Kate, please stop begging for kisses and reminding him you think he is attractive. I think the fact that she is so nice about his attitude only empowers him to continue with his antics.

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AJ Vollmoeller plans a special dinner on the beach for Stephanie Sersen. AJ is elated that he will not have to eat dinner alone anymore. He jokingly (let’s hope it’s a joke) tells her that he will come wherever she is or she will have to come home early so he isn’t alone.  At the end of their date, he surprises her with a tropical bouquet of flowers.

AJ-and Stephanie-at-dinner

The wives get together to do some yoga and dish on how things are going on their honeymoons. The topic of sex comes up. Stephanie immediately raises her hand and admits she has been intimate with her husband. Everyone suspects Kristine is lying when she says she and Keith haven’t done it yet. I would think with all of their PDA that they would have had sex. Jasmine feels that her and Will are on track, but haven’t crossed over into that level of intimacy yet.

When it’s Kate’s turn, she shares her talk with her husband with everyone. I am surprised that she told them. The women were very supportive and they tried to cheer Kate up. I’m sorry, if I was told this on my honeymoon, I don’t think I could be as mature and nonchalant about it. My feelings would be really hurt. It would be difficult not to completely shut down.

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The experts arrange a group activity for the couples at the hot springs. They have to get over a suspension bridge to get there. Will was almost traumatized attempting this feat because of his fear of heights.  Everyone decides to slather mud on their spouse’s bodies. Jasmine puts mud on Will. Then, she notices there is hair in it. She completely checks out and separates herself from the group because she feels its unsanitary. Hope this is a lesson to her that everyone has their own quirks. If she wants her hubby to understand she is a germaphobe, then maybe she should be accepting of his fear of heights.


Dr. Jessica calls to check in with the couples. Then, she gives them all a homework assignment. She wants them to share things they really like as well as their concerns with one another. The point is to help them to open up the line of communications early in their relationship. Kristine feels she got lucky with Keith. Her only complaints are that he is very gassy.

Things get interesting when AJ refuses to do the homework assignment. The producer comes out and says they have to do the assignment now. AJ freaks out and feels that he is on the spot and is surprisingly angry, for some reason. Stephanie is so frustrated, she actually begins to cry. I knew it was only a matter of time before AJ revealed why he was always alone for dinner.

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Will’s only concern with Jasmine is that he wants her to communicate and ask him more questions. Jasmine wants Will to work on his messiness. Kate reveals that she and Luke finally kissed!  But…apparently, Luke ran into the bathroom afterward and said he felt repulsed and dead inside. Whattttttttttt? Who says that? Everyone has had a bad kiss, but I don’t think my response would be to crush the person’s soul afterward. I am starting to think Luke may not be attracted to Kate or any other woman. Seriously, that is a very odd comment to make and there was no regard for her feelings.

Kate-and-luke-last-day-on-honeymoon Married at First Sight

The tension in Luke and Kate’s room after the kiss from hell can be felt through the screen. Honestly, I am sick Luke complaining and acting like a princess. Did he not realize that he signed up for Married At First Sight? Did he think he was ordering a wife, like a cheeseburger and he could customize his experience? Ughhhh… I am already over his incessant whining and smirk and this is only the fourth episode.


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