Married At First Sight Episode Recap- Honey I’m Home

On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples return from their honeymoons back to reality. They will have to figure out their living arrangements with their stranger spouses. This is when things start getting REALLY good in the season. You may be able to hide your true personality for a while, but no one can hide their true quirks when they live with someone. Luke Cuccurullo is put on the hot seat, by Pastor Calvin Roberson for his harsh comments to his wife, Kate Sisk. Thank goodness someone is going to finally tell this little twerp, how mean it was to tell her that he felt “repulsed” and “dead inside” after their first kiss.

This year the experts are providing mutual living arrangements for each of the couples.  Must be nice, all the couple in past seasons had to find a home themselves within their budget. Before moving into their new house, they will get the opportunity to view each other’s current homes first.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar’s first stop is his grandmother’s home. Keith gives his new wife a tour of his hoarding room. There are literally clothes stacked up to the ceiling. Instead, Kristine opts to stay in a hotel. AJ Vollmoeller takes Stephanie Sersen to his bachelor pad, which is only sized to fit ONE. Once again, he reiterates his expectation to eat dinner with her every night after being lonely for years. Ummm… Stephanie you may want to take heed to these warnings. I feel like something dark is brewing within AJ that hasn’t been fully revealed yet. It’s, of course, nice to want to eat dinner every night, but that will not always be feasible. I believe he is completely serious in his command request.


Will Guess takes his new wife Jasmine McGriff to his home. I must say it looks very nice and homey. He claims he set a low expectation for her on the honeymoon of being messy, so she could see he knows how to keep a home. Jasmine is nervous about having her dog, Bentley in a new environment.

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Pastor Calvin comes to check on Kate after all of the drama that took place on their honeymoon. She recounts their kiss and how it made her feel in their marriage. Pastor Calvin is disgusted by the language that Luke used and feels that it’s abusive. He has never heard anyone say anything that “vile” in all of his years working on Married At First Sight.  Kate reveals that she would usually walk away from a person who said something like that, but is trying to stay true to the commitment she made to the marriage.

When talking to Luke, he tries to play stupid about the situation, because he doesn’t want to discuss it. In a very stern tone, Pastor Calvin basically told him to be a man or to “get the heck, out of here”. Amen! Yes, you are being scolded because you are acting like a child. He blames the pressure of the situation and alcohol. But, although he isn’t 100% attracted he is willing to still give things a try.

I think I have figured Luke out. I think he only came on the show to be on tv and promote his speed dating business. Finding someone he liked was totally secondary. Which is why is reacting like a spoiled brat because he didn’t receive the woman of his dreams physically. He is one person on camera and is a totally different person when they leave. Newsflash… this isn’t Burger King and you can’t have it your way. Grow up and at least try to be a decent human being!

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I have to give it to Kate, I wouldn’t be so forgiving. I really wish she would stop feeding his ego and reminding him how attractive she thinks he is, to her. After his behavior, he should be the one trying to salvage the relationship and show her, he can be trusted. I would have totally shut down after that experience.

Pastor Calvin visits Jasmine and Will next. Their first topic is finances and how that will be handled. Jasmine envisioned her husband paying the majority of the bills. He challenges her by reminding her she may make more money than him. They are asked about intimacy, and Jasmine reveals that she wants him to take more initiative in that area. Pastor Calvin warns them that they need to work on their issues so they don’t get in the friend zone.


Stephanie and AJ talk to Pastor Calvin about how they intend to mesh their lives together after being alone for so long. AJ literally dominates the meeting with his incessant talking and corny jokes. Seriously, to each their own but I don’t know how she can deal with this annoying man. It seems like they have discussed a lot of issues and how to resolve them before they have even come up. I just wonder will they be as diplomatic when an actual issue arises. Probably not.

Jasmine and Will discuss their level of intimacy. She questions why they haven’t been more intimate. Will reassures her he is attracted to her, but wants to take things slowly. I can respect that since they seem to get along so well. I think sex too early in this type of situation can cloud their judgment and replace other steps that need to be taken in the relationship.

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Pastor Calvin visits Keith and Kristine to see how their marriage is going thus far. Immediately, Keith reminds him that they missed giving him a tall woman with a big butt, but thinks they did well nonetheless. I am sitting here rolling my eyes.  Did he forget he was talking to a Pastor? They discuss finances and we find out that Keith is in school and makes less than his wife. Does this show have any prerequisites before matching people?

When they get to the topic of gender roles, Keith says he is traditional. I think this is laughable because he wants her to cook and be the breadwinner. That isn’t traditional that is just being spoiled and lazy. Even Pastor Calvin lets them know they are headed for issues if everything is on Kristine. It is clear Keith is used to his grandmother taking care of him and expects his wife to do the same. Well, good luck with this marriage. I don’t see her as the type that will be okay with that for very long.


The couples are preparing to move into their new home together. While packing, AJ gets visibly agitated when asked what things he wants to take. He begins ranting and raving about his apartment still being his office. Stephanie is visibly upset by his reaction, but is stifling her emotions to avoid an argument. This is the second time we have witnessed AJ snap about something that seems minor. While on their honeymoon, he went off on producers for asking him to complete an exercise the experts gave them. I think this is an early sign of more anger issues to come.

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Kate thanks Luke for calming her anxiety down about moving in together. Oddly, she is more nervous about living with him than she was about marrying a stranger. I’m sorry, I am not giving him any points for calming her because he is the reason she has anxiety.


In honor of their first night in their new home, Kristine decides to cook for Keith. While she is cooking, Keith decides to create a nice ambiance to their backyard complete with candles and lighting.

Luke and Kate settle into their new house, and Luke unveils gifts in the form of her favorite wine. Sorry, a little too late. If I had my way, he would be doing the walk of shame in the streets Game of Thrones-style for being so insensitive.

Luke-and-Kate-hug Married at First Sight

Everyone has moved and settled into their new homes. I am excited to see what lies ahead for the Married at First Sight couples now that they will be in close quarters constantly. I am betting that we see some fireworks very soon, even from the couples who have been getting along. Next week, the couples entertain their friends, so things should get very interesting.

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