Married At First Sight Season Premiere Episode Recap-First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love!

Last night’s season premiere of Married of First Sight begins with all of the participants being told that they are engaged! Surprise you are about to marry a complete stranger. Cue the nerves and instant bubble guts. I love this show, but I don’t think I could live with a stranger for eight weeks and call him my husband. The experts claim they use science and insight from previous seasons to make decisions on matches. Let’s hope this year, these singles fair better than some others in the past. But after viewing the trailer, this season looks like it’s going to be GOOD!!!!! There are definitely some strong personalities and explosions that happen as a result.

The couples have just found out they are engaged and now only have less than two week until their wedding day. Each person reveals the news to their family and let’s just say, most are shocked and worried to say the least. This is a short time to convince people close to you that you are not making a mistake. The participants each have to find their wedding attire, have their bachelor/bachelorette parties and convince their guests to show up to the shit show wedding. While shopping, everyone seems to be excited and in good spirits. It’s always fun until the reality of what they signed up for sets in, on the wedding day.

Kristine Killingsworth is a successful real estate agent. She is extremely picky and may have missed out on a good guy due to her sabotaging her dating life. Keith Dewar is 30 years old and still lives with his grandmother. He claims he is ready to get married, although he has been afraid to date in the past. The experts think they are a perfect match because they come from similar backgrounds.


Kate Sisk is a hopeless romantic and has been dreaming of marriage since her first relationship. Her parents were recently divorced after 30 years of marriage, but she isn’t letting that stop her quest for love. Luke Cuccurullo is a self-proclaimed hustler and actually runs his own speed dating events. He feels because he works a lot he has been too busy for dating. The experts feel these two are a match because Kate is a natural wife and Luke may be the guy of her dreams.


Jasmine McGriff is ready to get married and pop out some babies. Will Guess is introvert whose parents were never married and considers himself a guarded introvert. The experts think they have a lot in common, being home owners and being ready to go to the next level with a special person. Let’s hope they have more in common than home ownership. If that is the case, we could be matched with millions of people. Jasmine’s family seems less than thrilled with her announcement. She fears her dad may not show up and walk her down the aisle given his disapproval.


Stephanie Sersen knows what she wants and has no time for the bs in relationships. She is an avid traveler and career woman, but wants to share that with a husband. AJ Vollmoeller is sick of being alone and considers himself a risk taker. He has been single for five years and is sick of eating dinner alone. The experts think they are a good match because they both are enthusiastic and adventurous people.

With the wedding only a day away, the guys and girls meet one another for a night out on the town. The guys have a joint party and so do the ladies, complete with strippers. One of the ladies is already proudly rocking a ring she bought herself, to let everyone know she is engaged. Someone is thirsty ready to be married, and her name is Stephanie. Based on the interactions, I would say AJ is going to be one to watch, he seems very interesting to say the least. Luke is very respectful and doesn’t entertain the strippers at all. I guess we will wait to see, if this was just for the cameras or he is really as respectful to his wife.


Finally it’s the wedding day and everyone is having a panic attack thinking about meeting and marrying someone they could possibly hate. Kate becomes emotional on her wedding revealing to her mom she asked her brother to walk her down the aisle. After her parents divorced she hasn’t spoken to her dad and he won’t be showing up to the wedding.  The couples do a gift exchange with their future spouses as a token of their commitment. Some gave jewelry, but most sent alcohol.  Let’s face it, liquid courage is going to be necessary to get down that aisle. Jasmine is feeling the pressure because her parents haven’ shown up or communicated whether they were attending the wedding. Just when she thought all hope was lost, her dad and family show up to support her.

It’s almost time to walk down the aisle and I can just sense the anxiety oozing from everyone as they wait to meet their spouse. I am nervous and I am just watching the crazy unfold on my screen. Ok… AJ seems like he is going to be annoying this season. His wife to be, Stephanie is having a major meltdown over a dress malfunction. My vote is this couple is going to provide some good entertainment.

Jasmine & Will


Jasmine hopes that her husband will meet her dad’s expectations and this was worth it. Her family and friends are pleasantly surprised by Will’s looks and manners, as they wait for the bride. Will smiles as he sees his wife walk down the aisle and thinks she looks beautiful. She is also attracted to Will from the start as well. After the vows, they get a chance to talk privately. They have instant chemistry and it doesn’t seem awkward at all. Until the camera cuts to Jasmine’s dad saying that he is going to do a background check and send Will’s info to his police friend. Hey… I don’t blame him. One would hope the show would do a thorough background check, but last season there was someone who was arrested on the honeymoon for stalking her ex. I am not mad at a father’s love at all. In talking to one another, they discover they each graduated from the same alma mater, including Jasmine’s dad. Maybe there is hope yet, for poor Will with his father in law.

Once Jasmine’s dad realized Will was Lincoln University alum he seemed a bit more comfortable with his daughter marrying him. At least they found an instant commonality that calmed everyone’s nerves. As they take their wedding pictures they seem very comfortable around each other.

Stephanie & AJ


 AJ is off to a good start with Stephanie’s mother, Kay. She seems absolutely thrilled her daughter is finally getting married. Seems like anyone could have shown up and she have been happy. Everyone keeps describing AJ as looking joyful, which to me is code for not cute. Stephanie’s bridesmaid reveals that AJ is a bit different from the other men she has dated in the past, so this should be interesting. As Stephanie walks down the aisle they both are attracted to one another.

AJ is not unattractive but he seems very goofy for his age, but one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Once alone, AJ explains that he is a dork and Stephanie appreciates his enthusiasm.  I feel like he will eventually annoy her with his over the top personality. During the wedding pictures, AJ can’t seem to stop kissing his new wife and she doesn’t to mind at all.

Kate & Luke


Kate and Luke are the third couple to walk down the aisle. Luke introduces himself to all of the bride’s friends and family. He actually recognizes a woman who was at one of his speed dating events just a few weeks ago. As Kate walks down the aisle, we can see Luke mouthing to his friends that he knows her. Apparently he has met his wife to be before and from the previews, he doesn’t seem happy to see her. This could be editing, but there is always one couple where someone isn’t attracted to the other person immediately. I really hope that isn’t the case because Kate seems nice and is cute. We will have to wait until next week to see the first impressions but I don’t think it’s going to be good.

The last couple Keith and Kristine will walk down the aisle next week. I can’t wait to see what is in store for these newly married couples. Everyone is nice at the wedding, but things start getting real once they are alone. If you don’t believe me, just check out the preview for what’s to come this season!




[Photo Credit: Lifetime]