Last night’s Teen Mom 2 was all about holiday hoopla, reconciliations and jail bait. Corey, Leah and the twins enjoy their birthday and first Christmas at home, while Kailyn struggles with sharing Isaac over the holiday. Chelsea can’t do much more than shoot googly eyes at Adam, while Jenelle tries her darndest to bail Kieffer out of jail in time for Christmas. Awww, the gift that keeps on giving… Ugg, ugg, and more uggs…literally.

Chelsea talks to Adam for the first time since their big fight after her surgery. Adam has a new job, and Chelsea wants to the pair cease fire before the holidays. Her mom is trying to be supportive and allow Chelsea to invite Adam over to the family’s Christmas. Adam comes to take Chelsea and Aubree to pick out a tree, and he reveals that his new job provides health benefits for Aubree as well as his child support will be garnished from his paycheck. That’s a start at least!


With school on winter break, Kailyn is enjoying her new place, more time with Isaac and a better co-parenting relationship with Jo.  Kailyn and Jo must share Isaac on Christmas day. She meets with a counselor from the organization which helped her with housing. Kailyn is sad that Isaac won’t be waking up with her on Christmas morning.

Not only is Christmas coming up soon, but so is the twin’s first birthday. They spent their first Christmas in the hospital. Leah admits to her mom that she’s spent more than $500 on her girls’ gifts. Thanks, MTV! Leah has planned to spend the girls first holiday at home with just Corey and her as a family.

Jenelle is feeling guilty about pressing charges against Kieffer and also feels like he is the reason she failed a bunch of classes. What should she do for the guy who has ruined her semester? Let’s bail him out of jail! Jenelle talks to Barbara’s boyfriend and admits she’s itching to spring Kieffer from the clink. He wisely advises her to focus on Jace and to find the “old Jenelle” who, pre-Reefer, was vibrant, fun, smart and full of life.

A woman dressed like the Grinch greets Adam and Chelsea at the tree farm. It is going to be comical watching this duo try to cut down a tree. Hang on tight, Aubree… no one is really paying attention to whether you stay on that sled! With the downing of the tree successful, Chelsea gives Adam a “love you” in a baby voice that slightly sounds like she has too much saliva in her mouth. Her baby voice gets more and more annoying each week.

Kailyn and her friend get together with their toddlers to bake cookies. Kailyn wants to stay busy so she’ll keep her mind off the fact she’ll be alone on Christmas Eve. Kailyn is contemplating writing a letter to Jo’s mother to explain her point of view because his family still harbors some resentment towards her.

Jenelle and Barbara are celebrating Christmas with Jace early since Barbara is going out of town for the holidays. Jace gets a lot of cute toys, including a teddy bear from FAO Schwartz. Either Oak Island has better shopping than I’ve been told or someone’s been hitting up the Big Apple. It’s nice to see Jenelle and Barbara exchanging presents with one another and making their best efforts to get along. Barbara is overjoyed by the Ugg boots her daughter gives her for Christmas.

Chelsea approaches her dad to see if Adam can join in his holiday celebrations. He is pretty skeptical about Adam’s new job and he doesn’t want Adam coming to Christmas. She tries to explain that she doesn’t want Aubree to grow up having to go to several different Christmases because of a broken family.

It’s time for the twin’s first birthday party and the girls’ cakes would probably make Taylor Armstrong a wee bit jealous. That is quite an edible castle. The family is celebrating with family and friends. It really does make me sad seeing how nice this couple is to one another on the show, knowing they end up getting divorced. On the bright side, Corey doesn’t seem to need as many subtitles!

After dropping off Isaac with Jo, Kailyn spends her evening at home with Jordan. She tells Jordan she wants to write a letter to Jo’s mom apologizing for dating Jordan behind her back while living in her home. The couple opens up their Christmas gifts and contemplates their future. Ugg boots again. There must have been a sale.

The Christmas cheer between Jenelle and Barbara lasts about five minutes. Jenelle receives a letter saying she’s on academic probation, but that isn’t any surprise. Barbara stating she’s going to change Jace’s clothes sparks a swear filled rant. Jenelle can’t believe that Barbara assumes that just because she’s lying on the couch like a bum, she can’t change him. However, the fact that she doesn’t get up off the couch kind of proves Barbara’s point. Finally, cussing up a storm (the both of them — that poor, sweet boy), Barbara storms out with Jace while Jenelle hibernates in her bed.

Corey and Leah are wrapping the girls’ presents and they are recounting the girls’ struggles over the past year. I am concerned that Corey is going to choke when he finds out how much Leah spent on the twins, but he believes his daughters deserve to have a big Christmas after spending the last one in intensive care. I kind of wish MTV would bring back Corey’s subtitles. And there we go! Corey is regular Santa Claus and wraps his gifts with duct tape. The couple is both cute and endearing in this scene. Too bad it’s not going to last.

Chelsea and Adam take Aubree shopping, with Adam throwing a ball at his daughter’s head. Is it just me, or does Chelsea spend more time talking about the status of her relationship with Adam then spending time with her child? She says she hates being in the middle of her father and Adam’s tension. Adam feels the same way with his family (they think Chelsea is crazy) and he should be running far, far away from her. Maybe they both should start listening to their parents…

After Barbara leaves, Jenelle begins her quest to bail Kieffer out of jail. She’s not twenty-one and is going to have to find a friend who is willing to do her dirty work. After leaving a ton of messages for people, she finally gets in touch with her friend Tiffany who doesn’t feel exactly comfortable signing him out of the slammer. Tiffany walks down to Jenelle’s house with her own baby, as Jenelle is still dialing away. Tiffany thinks that Kieffer’s time in jail is probably a good thing.

Corey is dressed as a hilarious redneck Santa when he greets the twins Christmas morning. Both babies promptly burst into tears. I can’t say I blame them. The young parents help the girls open their gifts. Meanwhile, Chelsea talks to her sister about her desire that Aubree have one Christmas with her mom and dad. Chelsea splits her time playing with a puppy and telling Adam to kiss her.

At Jo’s parents’ house, Isaac is opening his gifts with his father’s side of the family. Kailyn writes a letter to Jo’s mom, and when she goes to pick up Isaac, the pair awkwardly exchange cards. Jo’s mother is appreciative of Kailyn’s letter, but she still wishes that Kailyn had opened up to her more. Like all the other babies, Isaac has no clue why people are shoving paper covered boxes in his face.

Much like our forefathers, Jenelle is hoping to give Kieffer the gift of freedom. No one is returning her calls, so she’s makes a last ditch attempt and calls Reefer’s best friend. And guess what? Even HE thinks it’s a stupid idea to bail Kieffer out of jail. Are you listening, Jenelle? The friend is worried that Kieffer will run, and even when Jenelle turns on the waterworks, he stands his ground.

Next week, it’s twice the Teen Mom 2 extravaganza with two new episodes airing. Jenelle is facing jail time, Isaac celebrates his first birthday and Chelsea’s sister finds out she’s pregnant. Spin-off? Ali’s health scares return for Leah and Corey.


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