After Kim Richard‘s very public battle with addiction on last season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reality star talks being strong and moving on after getting help.

Last season was rough for the former child star and it took its toll on her children to watch their mother’s erratic behavior. “My children have been greatly affected by this. I think they wish it could have all been slipped under the radar… ,” she confesses to WetPaint.

“But you know, this isn’t my first time in recovery. And [during Season 2] I knew what I was doing wasn’t right. For me, it’s like: Sip one: I need to leave, Sip five: I’m in trouble. But I made the choice to go to work and to let the cameras in and people saw what they saw. Of course I would go back and change that if I could. But I can’t change the past, so I have to move forward.”

Kim shares that she has gotten tons of support from fans who credit her for being a role model. Ok… “It’s been amazing. People will say things to me like, ‘You’ve saved my son’s life,’ or ‘You’ve helped me so much,’” Kim reveals.”You know, before, I used to have a really hard time admitting I was an alcoholic. But I’m not ashamed or embarrassed any more. It’s made me a much stronger person and, hopefully, put me in a place where I can help other people.”

“If I can do it, under THESE circumstances – having it all filmed, having everyone know every little detail about everything – then you can do it. It CAN be done,” she adds.


Like Taylor Armstrong, Kim is hoping to return to the show with a purpose and a message. “People are going to see how hard I’m working,” Kim insists. “I’m not going to be sitting around with these girls sipping cocktails and just hanging out. I’m going to be very into AA and spending time with the people who have been supporting me.”

Despite everything, Kim is ready for season three! “I’m coming back for another season? Really? No, in all seriousness, everyone saw me take a huge spiral downward last year. Now, I’m really excited for people to see me work my way back up. I want everyone to see that.”

Moving on, Lisa Vanderpump has a decidedly different opinion about returning to RHOBH. It was announced this week that she would be getting her own Bravo spin-off about her restaurant SUR and Lisa shared what fans can expect in her newest reality venture. Hint: A lot less personal drama! “It’s going to be mainly about my businesses and Sur restaurant, so it’s an incredible dynamic,” Lisa told

As for that other reality show she’s been in a couple of times, Lisa is very vocal about not being so interested in a return. “It just hasn’t been decided,” she shared.  Lisa also talked about Camile Grammer‘s recent departure and Lisa is supportive of her friend. “There’s always two sides … and you have to meet in the middle,” Lisa asserts. “I think it obviously wasn’t right for her.”

Also talking about the new spin-off, is Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, who will be serving as Executive Producer of the new series alongside his wife. “I’m so proud of her,” Ken told WetPaint. “She works hard and she deserves this. She’s a wonderful lady and she really knows what she’s doing. We’re both very excited about the new show.”

Lisa had previously revealed that Ken wanted her to leave Housewives and move onto other endeavors after last year’s reunion. So it’s no surprise that he’s pleased about the new spin-off, which will show Lisa as more of a businesswoman and not as a referee in the circus of the insane!

Finally, Dana Wilkey just won’t go away! It’s been rumored that Dana was relieved of her duty as Friend of the Housewives, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving reality television behind! The former RHOBH extra shared with RumorFix that she’s got famewhore running through her blood!

In an effort to remain on our television screens, Dana’s decided to become a stalker of sorts! Which is scary. And it’s no wonder she’s friends with Taylor. “The way I look at it is this: can you really get me off a reality show?’ Dana wonders. “Don’t I live here, are you not going to not invite me? I’m going everywhere I want to go, and the girls love me.”

But that’s not going to be her own reality venture – she’s working on a new show about the sex lives of rich women in their thirties. She reveals that the show is, “in the works … ”

Adding, “If you want to see a bunch of 35 year old people acting like  Jersey Shore but with lots of f*king money then tune in, that’s my next show and I think it will be a hell of a lot funnier than Real Housewives.” Uhhhh… yeah, I don’t think I’ll be watching that, but thanks anyway!


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