One of life’s biggest mysteries is just how much reality stars get paid. How much is your image and reputation worth? According to Media TakeOut‘s last delve into the world of Real Housewives of Atlanta, selling your likeness to Bravo in perpetuity through out the universe is actually profitable. Since this is MTO and their “source” could be nothing more than an anonymous email account, we’ll take this info with a huge grain of salt. And speculate anyway, because it’s so fun!

Per MTO, below is the list of salaries for our Atlanta peaches. If true, Nene Leakes is at best “moderately rich” and not “very rich.”


“1. NeNe Leakes – $750K per season, plus a $250K bonus for doing the reunion show

2. Kim – $600K per season plus a $150K bonus for doing the reunion show

3. Sheree – $550K per season plus a $150K bonus for doing the reunion show

4. Kandi – $450K per season plus a $100K bonus for doing the reunion show

5. Phaedra and Cynthia – $300K per season plus a $75K bonus for doing the reunion show

6. Marlo – $75K – she must be available for filming on request.

6. Peter (Cynthia’s husband) – $75K – he must be available for filming on request.

7. Kroy and Apollo – $50K – must be available for filming on request.”


Setting aside all reason (the ladies likely negotiate their salaries individually with their “people” and there probably isn’t some document floating around there titled “RHOASalaries.doc”), at least the list makes some sense. Nene and Kim Zolciak would be the big money makers, but if Sheree Whitfield is bringing in this kind of income, it is incredibly sad she is blowing it all on leasing Aston Martins and her never-ending collection of Birkins. It’s not surprising the househusbands are getting paid, although it seems sad Phaedra couldn’t negotiate a better deal for her little jailbird. Is $50k minimum wage in housewives land? Doesn’t seem too bad to me! It’s also interesting to think of the idea that the women are given bonuses for participating in the circus that is the reunion. It seems like it would be part of the entire deal, and would be required.

Kim disputes that Kroy earns any money from the show, announcing on Twitter that the rumors are false! “These google alerts are funny today abt my hubby and his “salary” for RHOA! Hate to break it to u but no salary exist!!”

Continuing down our road of speculation, the rumor that Sheree has been fired continues to thrive. Apparently Nene may have been behind her supposed firing. She tweeted this around the time of the Bravo Upfronts: “The news I just got was music 2 my ears! That’s why u don’t bite the hand that feeds u.” Could that be about Sheree? Maybe. It could also be about Nene’s least favorite manicurist at her regular nail salon. Vague social media updates are for drunks and teenagers. Trying to decode that stuff is pointless. And, why would Nene care about the show? She is Hollywood now, baby! She’s done the impossible and moved on to scripted television on a real network. Nene has lines to learn.

Straight From The A posted “proof” that Sheree was gone via the show’s Wikipedia page, which now categorizes Ms. Whitfield as a “former housewife.” I love ATLien (the blogger behind Straight From The A) but really? Really? A Wikipedia page? That could have been Bob Whitfield editing that Wiki page to get a few laughs! That could have been anyone. It doesn’t matter because as I write this blog post, a trusty Wiki editor put Sheree back into the list of “Current Housewives.” In the edit history for the page, the editor gives this as their reason for putting Sheree back into the list of current cast members: “Replacing Sheree Whitfield to Current. No valid source for the removal.”

Thank you, Wikipedia for being skeptical. ATLien does say that “the rumors you’ve heard about her asking for more dough and crying are all false.” I don’t think Sheree has the power to cry.

Moving on, something must be happening in She by Shebroke’s bank account because apparently there has been some progress on the infamous Chateau Sheree! TamaraTattles reports that the mound of dirt has shifted and it appears someone has been doing something on the lot that has been vacant for close to a year. Photos of the marginal progress are below!

Finally, this Sunday marks the first-part of the epic three episode reunion. Yes, THREE episodes. They just keep getting longer and longer don’t they? Soon the reunions will eclipse the season in length! A video preview of the flabbergasting vitriolic first part is below. All I can say is: Yikes!


Chateau Sheree is now a mound of dirt! There’s a roller rink in there somewhere! [Photo Credit: TamaraTattles]

Look – the beginnings of something! [Photo Credit: Tamara Tattles]

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