CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 30: The Real Housewives of Atlanta's (L-R) Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey attend the 2011 Bravo Upfront at Girl & the Goat on March 30, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)

Real Housewives of Atlanta: All of Season 3’s Bombshell Moments

Season 3 of Real Housewives of Atlanta gave the fans every type of drama imaginable. Viewers witnessed a wedding, a marriage gradually falling apart, and an over-the-top baby shower. And some shocking secrets were also revealed.

Two new cast members, model Cynthia Bailey and attorney Phaedra Parks, joined the Atlanta ladies. This duo gave us some of the most memorable moments of the season. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the bombshell moments from season 3 of RHOA.

Baby Love

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Phaedra Parks brought all of the refined manners of a proper Southern lady. She was an attorney and was married to Apollo Nida. And Phaedra was expecting her first child. She had a maternity photoshoot with her husband. Let’s just say I will never look at a pickle the same way again.

But Phaedra gifted us a Kentucky-derby-themed baby shower that was one for the ages. Kim Zolciak rolled up late and without her hat. Phaedra made a grand entrance and later tripped the light fantastic with Dwight Eubanks. It looked at times like a beautiful wedding. And Kandi Burruss coined a term for Phaedra’s amazing rhinestones on her eyelashes: “boughetto.”  

NeNe and Greg’s Marital Downfall

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NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes’ marriage was certainly under a magnifying glass from being on the show. Look at how many Real Housewives marriages have failed. What seemed like a happy marriage was starting to show signs of stress. Gregg claimed that fame had swiveled NeNe’s head and changed her. He even went on a local radio show to express his frustrations…with the world. NeNe met with a divorce attorney to discuss her options. The couple’s once strong relationship was in a surprising downward spiral. Their marital issues would continue to play out during Season 4.

Check Your Calendar

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Phaedra claimed that she was unaware of when her baby was conceived. Or her due date. I think that most moms out there knew that this was beyond fishy.

There was some funky math going on. Especially when the RHOA cast members tried to figure out Phaedra’s miraculously shifting due date.

The mom-to-be even announced that she was being induced early. Say what? She called out Kim, who was a registered nurse, for questioning her baby’s due date.

When Kandi went to visit Phaedra in the hospital, she discovered the truth. Phaedra’s son was conceived out of wedlock, which was a big issue in her family. So, Phaedra decided to try and keep the truth from them.

Tour Bus or Fight Club?

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Cynthia, Sheree Whitfield, and Phaedra were anxiously awaiting Kandi’s tour bus in Miami. The ladies were going to celebrate Cynthia’s bachelorette party. But Kim, NeNe, Kandi, and Kim’s assistant Sweetie Hughes were embroiled in a battle on the bus. NeNe was pissed about life in general.

So, she started telling Kim that she treated Sweetie like “a slave.” NeNe claimed that Kim was disrespectful to both her and Sweetie. The fight escalated from there. NeNe got out of her seat and headed right over to Kim. Kandi was in the middle, and other people held NeNe back. This was pure rage, and it was frightening to watch. Kim decided that her friendship with NeNe was over.

But the argument continued when the group left the bus. NeNe and Kim continued to squabble, and NeNe threatened to “snap” Kim’s neck. It was just the relaxing and rejuvenating time that Cynthia was hoping for.

Wedding Day Blues

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I adore a Real Housewives wedding. I’m here for the dresses, the tears, the gigantic floral arrangements, and the food. But when Cynthia was preparing to wed Peter Thomas, their path to the altar was far from smooth. Peter explained to his bride-to-be, just weeks before the wedding, that they were in financial trouble. The stress of the situation took a toll on Cynthia.

Then Cynthia’s mother and sister tried to persuade Cynthia not to marry Peter. They worked out a unique angle. They hid the marriage certificate. But Cynthia insisted on marrying her groom under a canopy of dinosaur bones at a museum. And they say romance is dead.

Of course, we all know that the couple eventually ended up in splitsville. But their union spawned many more seasons of drama.

Season 3 of RHOA proved why this franchise was must-see television. It was like living through all of life’s biggest transitions in one epic season.


(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)