The Real Housewives of Orange County were on Dr. Oz recently, to talk about the one topic they are definitely experts on: plastic surgery! On last week’s episode, Tamra Barney removed her implants once and for all, and as we all know, Alexis Bellino is the first woman in the world to ever get a nose job. She must be commended for bravery!

Vicki Gunvalson, who just had a ton of work done in between the past two seasons, admitted to having “…a myriad of fillers, Botox, liposuction, and laser treatments” to In Touch Magazine. And that’s just what she’s fessing up to! On Dr. Oz, Tamra said “I’m sure we’re not owning everything we’ve had.” Along with 98% of women in Orange County, she had a nose job in her early twenties. Of her implant removal, she said, “I wanted the foreign object out of my body.” Funny, she said the same thing at her divorce proceedings from Simon!

Tamra also revealed that she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, and that was a huge factor in her decision to get rid of the implants. Good for you, Tammy Sue! Tamra’s story arc has been so great: ridding herself of Simon, and then getting rid of the implants the men in her life love so much; standing up for herself and putting her own needs before men.


Heather Dubrow, who refuses to admit to her obvious facial work (cheekbones and eyebrows just don’t DO that on their own), said “I think plastic surgery is a very personal thing, but you have to be an adult.” Was this another slam at Alexis’ freak out about her nose job? Or was she saying women should be 18 before getting work done? Heather is such an enigma.

Speaking of enigmas, what is the deal with Sarah Winchester, the plus one that will not go away? Besides the fact that Sarah cannot handle her booze? On her blog, Sarah says she was having a rough day: “I was in the middle of a rough relationship period and was pretty much in tears by the time I got to the bowling alley.” Nothing makes a rough day better like some booze!

She admits she should not have talked to Vicki, which proved to be a huge mistake:

Looking back, yes, that was a rookie move on my part to try to approach Vicki knowing she and Gretchen had just had a big blow out at the bunco party, but I had met Vicki before. She never seemed to have a problem with me, so I figured it was safe to have a seat next to her for a bit while we all ate. I was completely caught off-guard when I asked Vicki if I could talk to her for a minute just to be snapped at in return. In all fairness I could see where she might think that Gretchen sent me over to talk to her about their fight, but Gretchen knew nothing about why I went over to talk to Vicki nor did she even want me talking to her.

It’s too bad that Gretchen couldn’t find Sarah to stop her, but we all have to learn our own way. Speaking of Miss Gretchen Christine, she just did a photo shoot for REGARD Magazine, a few of my favorites are below. What do you think of the photos?

Gretchen smelled something funny. No more Taco Bell runs
for Slade!

Gretchen calls this pose, "Hi Tamra!" It can only be done on a motorcycle.

This is how Gretchen takes all her important business meetings.

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