Kim Biermann née Zolciak‘s wigtastic spin-off Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding premieres tonight and the sideboob queen has been busting out all over New York doing the interview rounds to promote her new gig.

Of course, since Kim’s primary occupation is abusing autotune starring in Real Housewives of Atlanta – which just ended its fourth season – she has much to say about her castmates and that extremely vitriolic reunion!

First up, Kim tackles She by SheBroke‘s alleged firing. Her former co-tart will be making an appearance as a bridesmaid TFTW! “I think Sheree is just possibly in a different place,” Kim shares with The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know what happened — if it was completely her decision or Bravo’s, or a combination, I don’t know that. What I do know is that she does have a lot going on and I’m going to miss her.”


“If they are casting another housewife, then I look forward to that,” she adds. “I look forward to meeting somebody new and kind of going through that, but Sheree definitely will be missed.”

One person Kim won’t miss and certainly hopes she’ll never have to share an intro with is Marlo Hampton, whom Kim dismisses as trashy and gross. Despite the fact that she also engaged in “hole wars“! “She’s just trying to create drama so she can hold a peach, which will never happen,” Kim snaps. “Marlo better never hold a peach.”

“I mean she’s been arrested seven times, clearly that shows somebody’s character.” Wait – hasn’t Kim’s bestie She by SheLegallyChallenged also been arrested?

“Her language and her demeanor are just disgusting. Her energy to me is just disgusting, using the ‘F’ word, and the gay swear is disgusting to me. That really showed me her character, and after I saw that and heard that she had said that, I just had no interest in ever getting to know her.” So, I take it Kim doesn’t like Marlo?

Furthermore, Kim is highly incensed about Marlo’s comments concerning her family! “Just appalling to insult my family and it really ticked me off,” Kim continues. “But I kept saying to myself, ‘I’m pregnant, calm down, don’t get aggravated, she doesn’t know me, doesn’t know anything about me.’ It seemed very rehearsed to me.” If that was Kim in a calmed down state – then yikes! Well, that settles it: Kim is not a fan of Marlo. And this absolutely has nothing to do with Marlo’s friendship with Kim’s former BFF  NeNe Leakes!

Moving on, tonight is the premiere of Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding! I know y’all have been counting down the days, have planned your parties – which you won’t be tardy for,  rented your Zolciak-esque wigs, found the perfect side-boob bearing top (purchased from Alexis Couture, naturally), and have practiced chain-smoking whilst guzzling chardonnay and screaming “Swwwweeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Oh, errrr… maybe that’s just me! But anyway, tonight is the series premiere.

Kim begins the process of preparing for her 11-11-11 nuptials and, of course, Kim being Kim she needs a lot of help. I mean the woman can’t even make a cup of coffee with assistance! Kim also contemplates a used wedding dress to live out her dream of wearing more gowns than Kim Kardashian! A preview of the series premiere is below!

Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding premieres tonight at 9/8c on Bravo. Reality Tea will be Live-Tweeting the affair to remember, so don’t forget to join us for some mutual snarking!

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