Renee Graziano and son AJ Pagan

Last week we reported that Renee Graziano‘s son AJ Pagan was arrested after being involved in a Staten Island street brawl. A witness claimed the seventeen-year-old was actually trying to break up the fight, which included several girls, and was not responsible for the incident. The fight eventually broke apart and police were not called to the scene.

TMZ just released a video of the incident which shows AJ rushing over and pulling one of the girls away from the brawl; he can be heard yelling “Stop!” The video is below. The content is grainy and hard to see, but TMZ identifies AJ.

AJ’s rep maintains he had no involvement in the incident and the teen was driving around Staten Island with his girlfriend when they noticed the girls fighting. AJ stopped to try and diffuse the situation. Afterwards, AJ heard no further news about the incident until this past Wednesday when police arrived at his home to arrest him for allegedly hitting one of the girls in the altercation!

AJ’s rep insists he did not hit anyone and the video clearly demonstrates this. AJ’s rep also insists the girl is trying to exploit AJ because of his connection with Mob Wives! “Beyond engaging in violent behavior, it speaks very poorly of this girl’s character that she would blatantly lie in an attempt to defame AJ’s name. The truth will come out and we feel justice will be served.”


Apparently the real drama in the situation lies in the health conditions of one of the girls in question. A source tells Reality Tea EXCLUSIVELY that the situation was much different than the media is portraying things!

Our source reports that the victim was actually a fifteen-year-old girl with a heart condition who was allegedly “assaulted” while walking to the store. Our source claims the girls who initiated the fight are actually friends of AJ – who was hanging out with them the night in question and is not the Good Samaritan the media is making him out to be!

“The 15-year-old girl was walking to the store with some of here friends, [who] are all jr high school students. This other group of girls were following them, cursing [at] them and threatening to beat them up,” our source claims. “When the fight broke out the 15-year-old girl was only defending herself, when they all decided to jump in and beat her up, knowing she had a heart problem.”

“Her friends were screaming to the kids to get off of the 15-year-old ,that she was being singled out because of her size,” our source adds. “Why would a sick girl start a fight and put herself at risk when she is due for heart surgery sometime in the near future?”

Those are some pretty heavy allegations and I don’t see how AJ is responsible for incident other than simply being present and maybe egging things on.

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