Say it ain’t so!  If Kris and Bruce Jenner can’t last, than by God, who can? is reporting that the couple, who has been happily married for twenty-one years (not all of them on television, thankfully for us), is on the rocks since Kris has been in contact with former paramour Todd Waterman.  He may be the same dude with which she cheated on past husband Robert Kardashian.  I kid, he’s totes the same guy she seduced during her marriage to her eldest paychecks’ daughters’ father.

Bruce was allegedly devastated when he walked in on E!’s latest scripted scene his wife e-mailing the object of her former affair.  What Bruce doesn’t know, according to the site, is that Kris was planning a romantic meeting with her old flame.


“Kris told no one, but she did go out with Todd, and it was an electrifying date”, says a source close to the family.  “Kris walked out of the restaurant where they’d met looking like the cat that ate the canary. It’s so obvious that she still carries a torch for him.”

Apparently, Bruce was appalled to see his wife signing said e-mail with an “xoxo.”  While Kris claims the sign-off was a way to get final closure, Bruce was too hurt to buy her plot line.  He didn’t stick around long enough to hear that their E! reality dynasty just needed some added drama.  He surely would have been fine with that!

A friend close to the Olympian super dad reveals, “He believes, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’  I don’t think he can believe that Kris has had the audacity to keep it up with Todd when their marriage is on the line.  Cheating is a deal breaker for him, so their marriage is teetering on the edge.”

Steer me in the right direction, dear readers…was Kris totally divorced and single when she started hooking up with Bruce?  Should he be all that surprised if this were true?

According to the source, Bruce is still pretty bruised by the admissions of “wild crazy sex” she had with Todd during their affair.  After all, Todd is much younger than Kris, and, let’s face it, she chose to publicize her sexual escapades and indiscretions in her book Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, which she “wrote” just last year.  I hope she dedicated it to her husband.  Wouldn’t that be grand?

Kris and Todd recently “met up” (aka had a scene together) in a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  The source claims that the meeting was authentic (sure it was), citing, “Bruce would feel totally betrayed if he actually knew the length and breadth of Kris and Todd’s current relationship. They had continued to feverishly e-mail each other, flirt and text.”

The insider continues, “I think Kris is covering up a lot of secrets and lies…Bruce’s feelings are still raw. I don’t think he can take much more, and will be wondering what else Kris is up to behind his back.”  Wait, what?  He’s just now wondering this?  He can’t look at his step-children and wonder what the flip he’s gotten himself into with this family?  Step it up, Bruce.

In other devastating Kardashian news, Kourtney’s newest addition Penelope Scotland may not bring in the big bucks by way of baby photos.  A magazine editor tells The Huffington Post, “It’s been a long time since paying to secure exclusive images of a celebrity baby guaranteed huge sales.  Kourtney’s second child isn’t such a big deal. If it were Kim’s baby, it might be different, but with the exception of hardcore fans no one is waiting to see what Penelope looks like.”  In other words, people are too busy watching TomKat unravel.

Another editor reveals, “She will be lucky if she gets $20,000 to $30,000 for the pictures,” one editor tells me. “The Kardashian craze has been over for some time now. Now a picture of Tom and Katie is worth more.”  And there you have it!


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