Alright, kiddos – sit down, get your Orange County oranges spiked with some champagne, and join us. We’ve got some Real Housewives of Orange County drama to report. Hot on the heels of a massively popular reunion – ratings wise, at least – the girls are still defending themselves in the press.

According to LALate News over 2.5M people tuned in to watch the ladies scream at each other while Andy Cohen got attacked by a bird. How’s that for pecking order?

First up, Slave Smiley took a break from running Grayson Entertainment to give an interview to Wetpaint. I hope he got compensated for it – he has child support to pay. Among the many scintillating details Slave revealed, the in-the-know and very busy working professional disclosed that Bravo is in the midst of making some changes to the cast!


And why? Because of now defunct friendships! Slave is confident that Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi would still be friends if only Alexis wouldn’t be such a fake and phony liar. And he just hopes that doesn’t cost someone their job.

Slade believes the fighting between friends, which has exposed truths about some people, will have an effect on who returns next season, because well, apparently living a lie is frowned upon? So why are Gretchen and Slade still on this show, again?

“It probably will, to be honest with you, because when you’ve been living an untruth and that gets brought to light and people figure out your game, I think it’s very difficult for people to come back on these shows …,” Slade explains. “If you’re lying and pretending to be somebody different on camera than you are off, no one’s going to have an interest in tuning in to watch you.”

Regarding Alexis, “She has drawn the line in the sand on some things, and they get brought to light… ,” Slade claims. “And anything that Gretchen has ever said, it was an attempt to help her not to harm her.”

“We’ve just kind of grown apart,” he adds. “We wish them all the best and good luck, but at this point, we just have no interest in being involved.”

Well, regardless of why it’s happening, Bravo is apparently looking for some new ladies to join the show. Perez Hilton just posted this casting announcement:

“Married and living the good life in one of Orange County’s exclusive communities?

Production company is currently looking for fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes for the new season of Bravo’s THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY.

Star in this docu-series and get amazing exposure to promote your current or future business endeavors, careers, ideas, etcetera!


FEMALES (21+; any ethnicity) – ORANGE COUNTRY HOUSEWIVES. Must be outgoing, exciting, strong, self-confident women who reside in Orange County, preferably the coastal cities”

I think they forgot to add: ‘Must be willing to get drunk and act like trainwreck Barbie on national television. If you cannot accept that high school ended over two decades ago, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.’

‘Overly teased hair, bad plastic surgery, and too much make-up a must. Also, please promote a business no one has any interest in. We don’t have enough women selling schlocky make-up lines or booze.’

Before you get your panties all bunched up, I have to remind you – Bravo does this every season. It’s a just in case, sort of thing. Just in case someone really interesting pops up and they decide to include her. Now that’s not to say someone won’t get fired, but the women they generally hire come from referral or because of a friendship with an existing Housewife.

Finally, Gretchen has been standing by her man (and sometimes sporting Tammy Wynette’s old hair) for seasons – but has the time finally come to let him loose out of professional and financial necessity?

Just like fans grew tired of her fight with Tamra Barney, it seems fans may have grown tired of her relationship with Slade. But it started out so promising… until no spinoff contract arrived!

Gretchen is growing tired of taking care of Slade and paying for everything in his life and she’s just about had it. She is supporting him and helping to pay his legal bills and it’s getting to be too much for her,” a source tells Ryan Seacrest.

Gretchen is seriously considering ending the relationship because she’s sick of doing everything for Slade.” Additionally, there is a rumor that Bravo is pressuring Gretchen to dump the serial OC schtuper!

Gretchen of course denies it, telling Ryan: “No, Bravo exes don’t encourage me to stay or break-up with Slade. Every week there’s some new rumor about Slade and my relationship, so that’s one of the ones that’s definitely not true.”

Just recently Gretchen has announced that she and Slade are getting ready for a baby and he had his vasectomy reversed. I say, another attempt to nab that spinoff. Am I a cynic?




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