First Simon van Kempen got called out by Andy Cohen, now Alex McCord is being threatened by Bravo – allegedly, of course! Apparently Alex’s secrets-exposing Real Housewives of New York vlogs are not making the spurned Housewives any friends with network executives at Bravo.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I suppose!

According to the NY Daily News, a couple weeks ago the former Housewife received a “strong-worded letter” from Bravo execs concerning her weekly vlogs. Essentially Alex‘s secret-spilling has prompted a “put a lid on it” summation from the network.

An insider reveals that producers and executives are extremely unhappy that Alex has revealed that portions of the plot are influenced or manipulated by producers.


“Everything I discuss on RumorFix is solely from watching the show, plus the general experience of having been on a reality show for four years,” Alex argues.  Among the issues discussed in Alex’s brief 5-10 minute vlogs are insider secrets such as “producer setups,” how trips or clothing are obtained by the cast mates and how filming is scheduled and arranged.

For instance following Heather Thomson‘s trip to London when Pinot Singer was left off the guest list, Alex revealed that because Bravo likely did not fund the entire trip Heather was well-within grounds to exclude Ramona. Alex also spilled that viewers could discover what Bravo paid for – if anything – by checking for “promotional consideration” lists during the end credits. Apparently Bravo is unhappy that these details are leaking to the public.

Alex confirms she did indeed receive a letter from Bravo addressing their unhappiness over the blogs, but she claims the letter was sent in response to her agent reaching out to the network about a different issue all together.

“He had gotten in touch with Bravo first as they made a ‘Top 20 Reunion Moments’ show from all of the [Housewives] franchises, using footage over and above episode caps in the contracts,” Alex discloses. “We heard they had plans to make a whole series of ‘Top 20’ compilation shows [about the Housewives].”

She continues, “Given that, as far as I am aware, no, ‘Housewives’ anywhere get residuals or any payments for syndication around the world, we should at lease fight to keep the episode count from growing past what was agreed!” Whoa savvy business lady, this Alex. That’s some Zarin-esque speak!

Alex claims following the letter her agent sent, the network responded by saying “they didn’t like my Rumor Fix videos.” When Alex pressed for details on what specifically they objected to the network did not respond.

“The whole exchange seemed as much about avoiding the ‘Top 20’ shows issue as shutting down [the videos],” Alex insists, claiming that her recaps had been regularly appearing for about six weeks before Bravo issued the letter.

A spokesperson for Bravo has not commented on the issue. One of Alex’s scandalous vlogs is below!

Alex is of course not the only former Housewife speaking out about trade secrets and insider dirt. Jill Zarin recently inked a deal with Good Afternoon America to be a reality TV correspondent. Among the gossip she has reported was that Teresa Giudice‘s makeup artist could be joining Real Housewives of New Jersey and Ramona‘s recent Learning Annex talk supposedly bombed.

Jill has not commented that Bravo was unhappy with her new job (and you know if Bravo communicated anything to Jill along those lines she would spill ASAP). Perhaps Jill is protected by working for a major – albeit rival – network while Alex is doing her segments for a blog.

We’ll wait and see how this is addressed and if Bravo has any response to the issue.

Moving on, tonight is an all new episode of RHONY. Some of the ladies continue to spend time in Miami with papaviva schmoozing and sexing up both Carole Radziwill and Sonja Morgan.

While Sonja seems uninterested in his advances, Carole is all too intrigued. Aviva Drescher and Ramona start to have friction as Aviva seeks help dealing with her antics.

And Carole and LuAnn de Lesseps’ drama escalates when Carole calls LuAnn out on a past indiscretion. Bravo promises us the drama will be heating up on the show – and this episode seems to be an indicator of that!

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