She by SheBroke lives on! Thank you Jesus! The former Real Housewife of Atlanta, who can never get her bills on straight, has been battling ex-husband Bob Whifield over child support issues for years and she’s also battling her ex-attorneys who continue to claim she hasn’t paid them. Damn, She by SheNeedsToSellThatFirkin – again?!

StraightFromTheA reports that Sheree was back in court on August 15th and was none too happy. Sheree reportedly owes 100,000s of thousands of dollars to multiple Atlanta attorneys (but not Phaedra Parks!) and just hasn’t gotten around to paying them yet. Building a chateau is a lot of work…

Last week, Sheree continued to combat allegations that she never paid her divorce attorneys. The same attorneys who famously repossesed her Aston Martin as a result of unpaid fees. The firm in question is Weinstock & Scavo, and while they are no longer in business they still have a record of whom owes what.


Back in 2010 they sued both Sheree and Bob seeking to remedy the debt. Bob was apparently included in the suit because the settlement reached between the exes happened after Sheree fired them as her attorneys. The settlement stipulated that each party was responsible for their own attorney fees following the sale of their house. The house that was foreclosed on after Sheree allegedly stripped it of it’s valuable fixtures.

Anyway, Sheree never ponied up the cash for her attorneys and Bob intentionally ignored a lien placed on the property, so a suit was filed.

Well, that’s how the firm was able to repo the Aston. And although she still owed them more money she didn’t have any assets for them to collect upon. I mean other than her paychecks! Sheree then purchased a Porsche and hid it very well, but she finally has another asset that can be used to satisfy her remiss debts: Chateau Sheree!

Sheree is fighting them by saying that home is legally owned by her mom and she is just a resident. Sheree claims the house is in her mother’s name and the finances to build the property (which is almost complete) are rumored to be handled hy an independent Atlanta record producer!

If she is able to prove that the house is safe, but if the court deems that Sheree owns the property it can be used to satisfy her existing legal debts.

What a mess. Good thing she has She By Sheree back in business. You can hop on over to her shop on Kitsy Lane to purchase!

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Wow! Congratulations Kandi. Props to her for taking her love of sex further than the bedroom. Hopefully this is more than just a storyline. And just in case you’re wondering The Kandi Factory is slated to air on Bravo this fall.




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