Joe Giudice has been in trouble with the law for what seems like YEARS! The Real Housewies of New Jersey star recently rejected a plea bargain offered by New Jersey prosecutors in his identity fraud case, instead opting to go to trial and plead not-guilty.  

Joe's trial date was initially set for October 1, 2012, but according to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann it will likely be postponed until 2013. 

“The chances of it going on that day are slim,” Mr. McCann told Celebuzz. “We are going to have to get closer to the day to see if the judge will have time.”

“The court tries to give preference to cases for those who are incarcerated first,” he added. According to Mr. McCann it is likely that Joe will take the stand in his own defense and the trial will take place sometime before June 2013. 


He doesn't think it will take long for prosecutors to make their case. “It’s not going to be a very long case to try,” Mr. McCann added. “It should only take about two weeks. The fact pattern is not complex."

And it looks like he is anticipating Juicy will be found guilty. “I think we have a strong case with strong evidence.” Mr. McCann has already stated that he believes that Joe will definitely serve some jail time as a result of his crimes. 


Moving on, Teresa Giudice is still fired up about last Sunday's episode. Taking to her Bravo Blog, Teresa reads her co-stars the riot act. Ok, well kinda. Teresa compares last week's episode to Alice In Wonderland – which isn't a bad analogy although I doubt she came up with. I'm giving Milania credit for the complex thinking in the family. 

Here's her breakdown of the characters for Housewives in Wonderland: 

"If I'm Alice (and according to my cast members' blogs and interviews — blah blah blah blah Teresa blah blah blah blah Teresa Teresa — it is The Teresa Show), then it's pretty easy to see who everyone else is: Caroline [Manzo] is the Red Queen (I don't think I need to say anything more about that…); her kids are those playing cards, running around trying to make the Queen happy so they stay on the payroll;…"

"Jacqueline [Laurita] is the goofy, confusing and very confused Cheshire Cat Kathy [Wakile] is the high-and-mighty Caterpillar with her hookah, who insults other people's intelligence but can't pronounce words correctly herself; and Melissa [Gorga]… I think she's both Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee since she seems to think she can play two different characters at once: the innocent, fun girl who puts on a show falling into a foot of water in a river and pretending to be scared, and her real self with her nasty little comments, blogs, and interviews.."

And taking a cue from her hubby Teresa also maintains her innocence in tabloid-gate despite all evidence to the contrary. She says it's complete BS – especially considering that they all talk about each other constantly! 

"Thank you for seeing the hypocrisy of women who act like I'm wrong for being on the cover of In Touch but throw a party when Melissa's on the cover of a local 'magazine' and pretend they didn't see Melissa actually bashing me in Us Weekly the same week. You see the crazy of Kathy pulling up a comment I made about her husband's jokes on her phone and pretending to be shamed… this from the woman who took a paycheck to go on national TV and bash her own family member in every episode."

As for the infamous Kathy face grab, Teresa says that's just how she communicates – without articulate thoughts and with crazy screeching and gestures.

"You know how we talk to each other, how we put our hands on someone's face to say 'look me in the eyes' like how Caroline did to me at the Season 2 reunion and how I did to Kathy; you know it's not a big deal like St. Kathy was making out."

Teresa also has a lot ot say about Caroline's comments during their argument. Caroline called her "psychotic", an "ugly person", and "crazy" among other things. Lauren Manzo referred to her as a "bitch." Apparently that no make Teresa happy. But credit where credit is due – Teresa held her ground and kept her cool. 

"So about Caroline and her big scary blow-up at me… It was very intense, all the animosity and hatred coming off of Caroline. I've known her a long time, and I've seen her be this way with many, many people in her life. She has a really unhappy, almost evil energy. I have to say though, as many times as she called me names and said horrible things to me, screaming and trying to get a rise out of me, I'm very proud of myself that I held it together."

 "I really want to be a better person, even in my worst moments. At one point, I was so close to saying something really nasty to Caroline, but I caught myself and bit it back. I thought about Dina [Manzo] and their mom, Nettie, and I didn't want to hurt them, so I didn't say it. (I'm only human though, so I did call her a few names under my breath in my own room. Sorry!)"

Teresa also insists she never attempted to turn her mom against Joe Gorga and she never said horrible things in front of Caroline about her family. 

"I guess Caroline doesn't have the same respect for my mother, because she told horrible lies about me and my mom. I've never said any of the things Caroline said I did, NOT ONE. Thankfully Caroline is a well-documented liar (remember Season 1 with the Danielle [Staub] book at the salon?), and I'm not." WAIT! HOLD ON! SERIOUSLY?! I mean… really? Well, I mean they're both "documented liars," but Teresa need not exempt herself! 

<<Brief intermission while author laughs hysterically>> 

"The idea that anyone could poison a mother against her own son, especially an Italian mother against her only son, is crazy. My mother loves my brother and no one could change that, and I would never want to. (P.S. everyone knows I usually speak to my mom in Italian, and Caroline doesn't speak the language, just sayin'. Maybe it's an "off the boat" thing…)"

"Like I said, I've known Caroline a long time and know how she operates. And even before we ever had a bad word, I never trusted her. I know how she stirs things up and twists things, and I would never say anything in front of her that she could use later against me. Because she would. They all would."

In her blog, Teresa continues to insist she never started rumors that Melissa was a stripper – and she certainly never expressed her concerns to Caroline even though at one time they were "like family." And strangely, suddenly, oddly – she is suddenly defending Danielle?! What?! Alice In Wonderland indeed… 

"I'm not the one that obsesses over other people's pasts, digs them up, and tries to humiliate them in our town — that's Caroline and Jacqueline's hobby. Isn't it interesting that they did it with Danielle and tried to ruin her life as a mom to two lovely girls when her past was 17 years earlier, yet they don't care at all about their new best friend Melissa's past?

"Jacqueline suddenly she just doesn't care about the same kind of past in another new Housewife? I'm not buying it. I have no reason to bring down or (further) humiliate my own family. Caroline and Jacqueline however have a million reasons to want to hurt me and my family and make us look bad…"

Teresa, of course, blames jealousy. 

"The show started out as all about their family. They were the stars, I was just the silly friend. I wasn't interested in doing a show with my family at all. I'm still not. I turn down opportunities for my own TV show all the time, because I won't do a show that exploits me and my kids. I know other people are super into that and would jump at the chance, especially for all the money, but I won't do it. I won't sell out my family." Really? Ok, then. 

Finally, Teresa assures us it gets crazier from here! 

"Caroline's Wonderland continues to all new levels of crazy! And don't forget the 'seed' the other ladies have been planting all season: that I'm a huge mastermind. I am the reason for everything — global warming, gas prices, why people can't show up to reunions, why their sons don't get into law school … "

"I personally know and pay every single mean person on Twitter and every blogger, even the ones who write bad things about me too. They're all in my army! And I won't rest until everyone is under my shoe, or my thumb, or my eyes, or however they said it…wait, Milania just tried to tie her sister to something. Since according to Melissa and her sisters last season I'm so pathetic I can't even afford a nanny, I guess I'll have to be the mom and go take care of this…"

And that's it! So yeah, I have no idea what to make of this crazy. Except: RECAST!  So who believes Teresa actually wrote this blog all on her own?











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